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My Ride - Cordula

New Music from Cordula – My Ride

Singer/Songwriter Cordula hails from the DMV and brings with her a wealth of musical and performance training, creating a polished yet very natural presence on stage and in her personal engagements with her fans.  Cordula’s new single “My Ride,” on Music’z Therapy/Universal/Fontana, released today, September 10, 2013 and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Already capturing radio and music executives’ attention and energy, Cordula is positioned to be one of the breakout artist of the year.

Get more info on Cordula on her official website and catch ALL of her music and videos on Reverbnation

Cordula Davis

Singer/Songwriter Cordula hails from the DMV and brings with her a wealth of musical and performance training, creating a polished yet very natural presence on stage and in her personal engagements with her fans.  Cordula’s new single “My Ride,” on her own imprint Music’z Therapy distributed via Universal/Fontana, is set for release Tuesday, September 10, 2013 and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Already capturing radio and music executives’ attention and energy, Cordula is positioned to be one of the breakout artist of the year.

A stunning natural beauty, Cordula’s music overshadows that aspect as she effortlessly weaves between the husky low alto and sharp soprano scales, presenting a musical adventure not to be missed.  Ok, so I have to confess that I am a fan of great music and perhaps I sway to the less journalistic in my description but hey, this IS The H.Y.P.E. Magazine which means, “How You Perceive Everything” and MY perception is that no matter how great her look…Cordula’s SOUND can be likened to one of the most pleasurable “ooohhhh DAMN!” moments you have ever had in your life.
Artistic talent not withstanding, Cordula is also the subject of one of the greatest quandaries in the music business right now. She is a medical doctor who also teaches up and coming medical doctors, that sings like a nightingale and desires to let the music take over and be her vehicle of expression.  My mom always said being a doctor was as good as being president, but Cordula’s heart had been with music and performing since she was three years old, when she began tap and ballet training.

Managed by Robert Terell aka “The Official Deal Maker” and one of the shining diamonds of his Wealth Nation Entertainment roster, Cordula has been brought along at just the right pace to be an impact on the music industry when it is the most quiet as regards real artistry.  Wealth Nation Entertainment guided and orchestrated Cordula’s label situation with Universal/Fontana, and her imprint Music’z Therapy is not only to be a vehicle for her music, but also a home for other artists in the future.

Source: The Hype Magazine, read the full article here
Mentirosa (Mellow Man Ace song)

Mentirosa (Mellow Man Ace song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When we speak of legends in Hip Hop, Hall of Famer Mellow Man Ace is a mandatory inclusion in that conversation.  West Coast Hip Hop and indeed Latin Hip Hop at one time rested squarely on his shoulders.  Now El Padrino is celebrating Hip Hop with us on a new track produced by his seed, Cazal Organism.


This video is a pure celebration of Hip Hop as a culture and way of life, highlighting the dance, art form(s) of the culture with a cinematic twist…enjoy!!!


Celebrating Hip Hop’s 40th Birthday with Mellow Man Ace’s – “Freak Freak Ya’ll” Produced by Cazal Organism. Filmed by Tone Spliff and John Armstrong.




Pinqy Ring

Chicago rapper Pinqy Ring is fresh off of her Hype Magazine cover and back with her second installment of #TheComeback music. This time, she teams up with R&B singer Derty Harry and songwriter/B96 morning show producer Gabriel Ramírez to bring you a love song right on Cupid’s target for Valentines Day.

The Hype Magazine cover: Pinqy Ring

Pinqy Ring covers The Hype Magazine


“U + Me” takes us back to concept songwriting, where a metaphor about the chemistry between two people and the actual science becomes fully fleshed out in both hook and verses. Listen closely for the creative and carefully planned Chemistry references that Pinqy Ring spits, and vibe out to the smooth and melodic chorus crooning that brings the song full circle and can get anyone invested – Even the single folk.

“U + Me” will be included in Pinqy Ring’s EP, entitled “Herstory“, which will be dropping on June 18th. Happy Valentines (or Single Awareness) Day. 

U+Me Cover Art

Pinqy Ring U+ME


Check out this Exclusive Footage As DJ Envy and DJ Steel Interview Rocko on the SiriusXm Radio Show HipHopNation. Rocko Talk’s About His Label, HisArtist Future and his new project “Gift Of Gab”2


New Interview Update: @DjEnvy Talk’s With @Rocko4Real Live On @Siriusxm / @HipHopNation –  (3-21) S/o to @DjSteel1

Pinqy Ring represents for Chicago and Puerto Rico

Pinqy Ring “Tickets” ft. Bo Deal (BSM)

Pinqy Ring is one of the dopiest MCs I have heard in quite a long time … I would try to put my spin on her and her story but she is so damn unique that in my humble opinion, only SHE can lay it out for you! I will just say that she is one of the newest writers on The Hype Magazine editorial roster but with her lyrical skills, we may not have her for long. Her single “Tickets” with Bo Deal of Waka Flocka‘s Brick Squad Monopoly, is an exposé of those fake rappers claiming to be rich or ‘gangsta’ when it simply isn’t the truth.

Pinqy Ring is a high school teacher as well as a rapper…her students really get the best of both worlds from their teacher.  Besides getting the 3 r’s, she can relate to them from a street perspective and as an individual out on her professional grind as well.

I am me. An emcee. That releases her speech on a beat. No police or his chief can hold Misses Pinq to her knees. Woman, Queen. On her dream. On the scene. Welcome. Please, have a seat :)” Pinqy Ring quote from her website!

In one sentence, who are you?

I am Pinqy Ring, the Puerto Rican Chicago rapper, teacher, poet, journalist, student, feminist, lover, learner, college graduate and chocolate milk aficionado. (from her recent interview with The HYPE Magazine)

Hard hitting rhythms, deadly deliver and a natural ability to ride a track like a professional hobo rides a train, gives the listener one heck of a musical experience.  This is an example of how Hip Hop should be presented, not that skinny jeans wishy washy stuff we get fed on the radio.  Tickets, from her upcoming EPHerstory” is unique in this day in age and Pinqy Ring delivers like none you have heard in years.


A proud Puerto Rican, Pinqy is determined NOT to be pigeonholed as a Latin Rapper…she wants and by her delivery on Tickets…DESERVES to be taken as a serious representative of Hip Hop…period. Rating 4/5 because nobody’s perfect.  Enjoy!

Get more info on Pinqy Ring on her official website and connect with her on Twitter @PinqyRing



Interview: Chuck D of Public Enemy is Still Shaking Up the Music Industry – Yahoo! Voices –


Chuck D of Public Enemy

Public Enemy released a bookend album set titled “Most Of My Heroes STILL Don’t Appear on No Stamp” and “The Evil Empire Of Everything” this summer. This is the group’s first release in five years and reflects their continued leadership within the hip hop community as they embrace new technology and digital music production techniques.

I was able to have a long conversation with Public Enemy’s founder and leader Chuck D, and we discussed some of the challenges and changes within the music industry at large. Chuck D was very open about his feelings on several issues facing new artists as well as the ability to create quality projects with input from various locations at the same time via remote applications.

Below are some highlights of our nearly hour-long conversation.

A key point for Chuck D is that artists are no longer bound by the traditional one release every 18 months which had been the industry standard prior to this new age. According to Chuck, Public Enemy’s dive into the digital music creation arena should come as no surprise to the music industry. Public Enemy was one of the first groups release their music on MP3, begin a blog and working with interactive recording by inviting fans so submit remixes to one of their earlier albums “Revolverlution.”

What are some of the most notable changes in the new age of music creation? 

Chuck D told me that one of the biggest changes is the decline of the long play album in exchange for singles. He told me he feels as though the change from album format to singles began with the first download via the internet. Some of the major players in the changeover have been ringtones and mixtapes which can create a viral buzz for the artist and bring new music to the masses on a giant scale.

“This is a chance to make a powerful artistic statement that reflects on the release method as much as the music within,” Chuck observed. “No charts, no counts, no pressure, just create, bomb and step back.” declares Chuck in the press release surrounding the new Public Enemy projects.

Read my full article on Chuck D on Yahoo! Voices Music


Hunnid Mill

The first thing that struck me about this group is their work ethic as a whole, I asked for info and it came right up and that type of professionalism is what may take them forward in the game. HunnidMill has a pretty prolific YouTube presence, meaning more than 30 videos and none of them sound the same, which is a positive. I can say that I enjoyed seeing young people having fun and listening to some of the music like “Adventure Time”, which was freestyle over the music track of one of the artist’s favorite cartoons. Yeah all new skool Hip Hop heads aren’t talking about strip clubs!

One of the best of the joints was called HUNNID MILL – OMG NEW SWAGG ”Round Cher” (MUSIC VIDEO) although I did find disturbing the fact there were youngsters waving a gun around recklessly even while filming themselves playing video games. Where were the parents?! All in all this crew represents the fun side of Hip Hop and mix in the skater lifestyle with that as well.

HunnidMill doesn’t have an album and the singles are spur of the moment freestyles with a need for some better sound mixing but I looked beyond that! Look at these kids as young cats trying to have a bit of fun, which is what Hip Hop started from, and trying to do something other than shoot up everything. Check them out! What do you think…remember they are growing into professionals!

Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB announces European and American tour dates

[Mixtape Review] EDUBB – “Legends Of The Fall”.

A very solid and honest review on of the Legends of the Fall LP by Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB.  Historically known for their risque party music like “Whooty” and “Rainboots”, Legends of the Fall is their first full-length concept driven project and the reviews are very solid for this group.

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