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It’s so dope as a music journalist to get the opportunity to shine some light on positive events that expand the knowledge base on segments of the industry which often go unnoticed or unappreciated.  The Global Spin Awards is one such event, long in the making and long overdue.  The Global Spin Awards is a platform which gives much needed recognition to the one element of the music industry nobody can do without, the DJsNovember 18, 2013, brings us the 2nd Annual Global Spin Awards, founded by former Bad Boy Records executive Shawn Prez, and hosted by radio and television personality Sway Calloway.  This event will be held in New York, in the New York Times Center and streamed live via for those who aren’t lucky enough to be able to attend.
Shawn Prez
The Hype Magazine got to speak with event founder and business man Shawn Prez, who began his own marketing company PowerMoves, Inc., and is still responsible for all of the Sean Combs branded ventures as well as many other Fortune 500 companies looking to capture market share in the urban community.  Prez as he is called, is a humble man, quick to give credit to God for his blessings and success as well as giving credit to his mentors who have guided him to this point and to whom he still looks up to.  What a great conversation…enjoy!
So let’s talk about Shawn Prez, who you are and lets jump into the Global Spin Awards!
Real quick, the brief version, I guess my claim to fame would be to helping build BadBoy from the early days and definitely when BadBoy was on top of the world, so I come from that whole era.  I transitioned into more of a marketing expert, I launched a company  called PowerMoves, Inc., and we are responsible for being behind all of the Sean Combs business ventures whether that’s Sean John clothing, Justin’s Restaurant, the colognes, Revolt Network and Ciroc Vodka.  That in addition to many other clients that we have.
So I am looking at your site and see some of the client list like BET Awards, you are heavy!
No, no, no, God has definitely blessed us.  We really have been able to work with a lot of Fortune 500 brands and bring our style of unique marketing to Corporate America, so I have really been blessed, thank God.
Quickly, how did you prep yourself on the business side to move into this arena?
That was easy, I have had the opportunity, the privilege, however you want to look at it, to be in the mix of really successful people, like right there in the midst of them, sitting in the meetings, sitting quietly, watched the way they move.  Like I said, Sean Combs, a big brother to myself, also a mentor, Andre Harrell, the Russell Simmons of the world, people who I really look up to and had the opportunity to just sit next to them and just watch them take this thing that was just music, an art form started in a park, called Hip Hop and spread it out into global brands.  So when it was my turn, I’d had on the job training for so many years and it just really comes natural to me because I’ve been prepped for it by these guys who I really look up to.
We see the Global Spin Awards as the Grammy’s for the DJs, similar to the Justo’s being the Grammy’s for Mixtapes, we can see it 20 years down the road being one of those major network shows.  How did this awards show come to fruition for you?
I guess in short, I worked with the DJs for many years.  Having a background in the music industry, the DJs were always on the front line, that’s how we broke our music.  They were the one’s who took our records from zero to sixty, they are the pulse of the streets.  They [DJs] let us know if we have a hit or didn’t have a hit. With that being said, I always looked around and wondered why were they never recognized.  There’s not a record label out there or an artist out there, that’s not pushing their records to the DJs first.
It’s unfortunate they were never recognized on a platform in front of their peers, in front of the music and entertainment industry at large.  So, many years ago, I said to myself I wanted to do this type of award show.  This was the seed that was planted in myself I would say for at LEAST the last ten to twelve years.  But it’s all about timing and at the time I was running, I was traveling the world, I was doing so many different things; I was starting my marketing company and so I really didn’t have the time to focus on it at that time.  You know, Justo Faison, God bless the dead, he was doing his mixtape awards, and he was out there really pushing the culture forward, people like Ricky Lee on the West Coast was really pushing the culture forward, Renee McQueen, these were all guys who were doing their thing with the DJs.  So, I had a chance to learn from them, what works, what doesn’t work, what I would do differently, what I thought was special and I wanted to incorporate into this Global Spin Awards.  Now, the timing is just right, I think that my name just by itself in this industry, it adds a certain authenticity and credibility to the event and that’s why so many of the DJs and industry heads were willing to be involved from year one.  So it was really a function of time and now is just the right time to do it.
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The Notorious B.I.G.

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This mix by DJ Uneeq is an official tribute to this Hip Hop legend and I can’t think of anyone more worthy to create it!!!