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Free Clothing

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Chicago Rapper Blanco Caine announces White America in May

Blanco Caine – White America set for May release

In honor of the highly anticipated debut mixtapeWhite America” from Chicago rap artist Blanco Caine comes a dope collaboration with Chicago-based #ush! Clothing in the form of limited edition t-shirts, crew necks, & hats.  The designs of the apparel coincide with the theme behind the mixtape “White America“.

The “White America” design shows cocaine lines for stripes & bullet holes for stars in the essence of an American flag, while the “POLITICS” design depicts a snake, thumbprint, gun, cocaine, gavel, handcuffs, & a dollar sign in the form of an ideogram.

Blanco Cain and #UshClothing

White America Clothing Line

Blanco Cain and #Ushclothing

Politics Clothing Line

The designs represent the personalities, violence, and drugs feeding the overall economy & lifestyle of White America…thus Blanco Caine’s perspective.

You may purchase this fine, limited edition apparel exclusively at

Make sure to download Blanco Caine’s FREE mixtape “White America” on when it’s released in May 2013.