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On Saturday, Aug. 22, the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Fla., will host the Red Bull BC One North America Final, the world’s largest and most prestigious one-on-one B-Boy competition.  Sixteen of the best breakers in North America will be competing for a slot in the world final in Rome.  A livestream of the event from Orlando will start at 8:30 p.m. ET on in both English and Spanish.

Television personality and hip-hop radio legend Sway Calloway will be the evening’s host as the continent’s top B-Boys throw down in hopes of being crowned the Red Bull BC One North America champion.

The North America Final is one of six global qualifiers that will determine who earns their ticket to Rome for the World Final on Nov. 14. Other global qualifiers will take place in Georgia (Eastern Europe), Egypt, Madrid, Seoul, and Peru.

Thousands of spectators will celebrate hip-hop culture and witness B-Boy battles unlike any other. The 16 competitors have secured their spots by winning qualifying cyphers or by invitation based on past performance. B-Boys will defy physics in a series of flips, elbow spins, head slides, dime freezes and everything in between to win over the judges and claim the coveted Red Bull BC One North America title.

The 16 Red Bull BC One North America Final competitors include: JoshSkittle (Honolulu, Hawaii), Kid Cruz (Denver, Colo.), Fléau (Montréal, Canada), DQ (Bladensburg, Md.), Zeku (Miami, Fla.), Illz (Toronto, Canada), Starvin’ Sa-Ewl (Rialto, Calif.), Ben (Las Vegas, Nev.), ICEY IVES (Anchorage, Alaska), Moy (Houston, Texas), Mighty Wealthy (Brooklyn Park, Minn.), Frankie (Queens, N.Y.), Napalm (Philadelphia, Pa.), Rion (San Diego, Calif.), Insight (Orlando, Fla.) and Victor (Orlando, Fla.).

Victor, Orlando’s hometown hero and one of three Florida B-Boys competing on their home turf, is returning to defend his win at last year’s North American Final in Las Vegas. Victor is one of the most accomplished B-Boys competing and a real threat to repeat his victory. The son of Mexican immigrants, Victor’s dad started breaking in the 1980s during breakdancing’s golden age, and he got Victor into the art form early, beginning to break at only 11 years old. It’s been a saving grace and consistent source of positivity in his life. “To win the Red Bull BC One North America Final again would mean a lot to me,” Victor explains. “I feel my chances are high to win in Orlando, but you never know what can happen! I’m just keeping positive.”

via » Elite B-Boys to compete in Red Bull BC One North America final in Orlando. (


bangaThere is no pain like losing a loved one right in front of your face. It’s even worse when that loved one died having your back or because of stray bullets. In “Wrong Nigga,” Banga tells the story of his loss, his soulmate aka “Betty Butt” one of the Twerk Team founders, was gunned down in front of him…this joint is by a man who’s heart was ripped out and tossed in the trash.

Check out more from Banga on the Hustle Team Ent Official Website

ApolloNightLA crew

ApolloNightLA crew

Searching platforms across the globe looking for the REAL tastemakers, I discovered a weekly web-cast show ApolloNightLA whose crew is funny and entertaining with a true desire to make a difference for indie/unsigned artists. In-studio celebrity guests have included Howard HewettKym Whitley, Luenell, Bishop Don “Magic” Juan and more. The weekly show streams live every Monday at 7pm PST/9pm CST/ 10pm EST.

Like any other showcase or television show, artists submit their material, either song, video or instrumental production to the show and via a selection process, make the actual airing. Once the slate is set for the show, the project is played and the cast as well as callers vote on whether to “Applaud” or “Shoot” the song.

What’s different about this particular show? The cast members of the show hear the songs for the first time DURING the taping, just like their audience members. This brings added value because we get to SEE the cast reactions to the song, and trust me, they don’t hold their tongues with their critique! It’s fun and entertaining and one of my favorite nights of the week!

Find out more information about ApolloNightLA via their official website and check out the show playlist below…let us know what you think!

bangaThere is a distinct contrast between the rhymes & metaphors spoken by rappers, and the appeal of the lifestyle & compelling journeys of overcoming and excelling as an Urban Street Star. Anyone can rhyme but seldom possess the appeal of relativity.

Hustle Team Banga bolsters that trait and has the resume to prove it. Born & raised on the streets of Dade County Miami Florida, Banga represents the trials and achievements of life as a hustler and survivor in the game.

Banga’s life story mirrors that of an urban blockbuster script. In Banga’s own words…Shit was crazy growin up. My Pops was a Hitter, and my Ol’ Girl was in the dope game. By the time I was 4 both of them was in prison. First of all both of them was under 17 when I was born so you already know how sh*t was. My grandma tried her best to hold me down but it was only so much she can do.

By the time I turned 10 yrs old I was a superstar in the Pop Warner Youth Football League but at the same time, I was already smoking weed, learning how to shoot dice and bag up dope. At 15 I got kicked out of school for good. At that time I was knee deep in the streets. Every crackhead/ drunk and street n*gga down south knew exactly who I was and what I was capable of so they treated me accordingly. At 17 I was basically a 25 year old man. I had a spot right outside the Pork & Beans projects and another on the south side of Miami where I’m originally from.

By the time I was 19, I couldn’t even do regular 19 yr old sh*t because of the name I made in the streets. I was feeling like Miami was to small for me so I was trying to find my way out fast. Date set and I’m ready to leave Miami for Atlanta but right then 4 n*ggas tried to rob me but I started swinging so we fought it out. I caught them a lil later at the store. I got my guns, jumped out and emptied both clips. It was 3pm and the police were already close by. They heard the gunshots and automatically start coming. Long story short I got caught without the guns so I was released. That same day I moved to the A to get into something positive. So, I start rapping to tell my story. 

As captivating as this saga was, it was only the beginning. Banga moved to Atlanta & spear headed the mass movement we all know as Hustle Team. He collaborated w/ Hustle Team Jay and dropped several street anthems that garnered the unwavering attention of the streets and the industry.

Banga became intimate with Twerk Team Originator “Betty Butt” and the duo proceeded to climb the ranks of Atlanta’s top tier entertainers; So much so that Banga soon partnered w/ 24/7 & Konvict Musik.

Banga excelled through tragedy & obstacles but none greater than the loss of his life partner “Betty Butt” during a botched robbery attempt in the Fall of 2014. This episode has only fueled the fire of greatness.

Banga has projects w/ major producers like Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, KE, M16,  Mike Will Made It, 808 Mafia, & etc. Now its impossible to say Atlanta Hip-Hop without mentioning Hustle Team.

Banga has been featured on several major outlets like WorldstarHipHop, Livemixtapes, etc. Banga has an uptempo style which compliments his charismatic delivery and unfiltered verbiage. These factors have firmly asserted the discussion of Banga as a front runner in this urban culture phenomenon and its transition into mainstream commercial entertainment.

Brian Doby stand up comedian

Comedian Brian Doby

Brian Doby is a 23 year old native of Junction City, Kansas and raised in Topeka Kansas. He started doing standup in September of 2012, when he went to his first open mic at Stanfords Comedy Club in Kansas City. “I watched about 25 experienced comics go up before me. I was called up second to last, I did 3 minutes of material and had the crowd laughing through my whole set, more than they laughed for any of the other comics” says Brian. He continues, “That’s when I decided comedy was for me.”

Brian only attended one more open mic in 2012, two months after the first and in 2013 submitted video of one of his open mic sets to the American Black Film Festival‘s 1st ever “Comedy Wings” competition and was named as one of nine semifinalists out of hundreds of entrants across the US Though he didn’t win the competition, Brian felt more sure than ever that comedy was the way to go after performing in the semifinals at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. “I was the least experienced and youngest comic on the bill, others have been on television multiple times and had been doing this for ever, and I was right there with them. I did 7 minutes in a famous comedy club, in a famous comedy city, in front of celebrity judges and a crowd of people who take comedy very seriously… and i killed. It was the best feeling loss I’ve ever experienced” says Brian “I was comfortable in Los Angeles, and I felt like I belonged there.”

After that competition, Brian returned to Kansas and began getting booked for local shows around the area but nothing major and usually nothing paying… and when he couldn’t get booked he set up his own shows and booked other comics on them along with himself.

Describing his influences, Brian states “I don’t have many influences in comedy, I just like to be who I am on stage, no different then my everyday self. I do however have many favorite comedians because of their unique styles and senses of humor. I could go for days but I love to watch Louis CK, Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, and Bernie Mac to name a few. My style is more like Dave Chapelle if I had to make a comparison. I don’t get on stage with an abundance of energy, I don’t act out my jokes or hop around the stage during my sets… I just stand there and talk to the audience…I like to believe that my jokes speak for themselves. I speak about a broad variety of things but one thing I do a lot of material on is my family. Married life, father life, the things my daughter does, how my brother and sister where growing up etc., I get the best material from real life situations and occurrences. I do a lot of storytelling. I talk about my financial problems, women, differences between races, amongst other things.”Brian has a true passion for comedy and calls it one of his true loves. “I love comedy. I feel making people laugh is the most rewarding job ever. The feedback you get from comedy is on-the-spot, right in front of you. It could be good or bad, but when its good the feeling is unexplainable…”

People ask where he wants to go with comedy. The answer is, wherever it can take him. “I want to become a household name, I want to do television, I want to do half hour specials, hour specials, late shows, comedy concerts, tours and the whole nine. I want to record standup movies as well as standup albums. I want to be involved in anything and everything standup. I want to make a living doing what I love, thats all I’ve ever wanted to do and a career in standup is as good as it gets” says Brian.

DJ Slugo Juke Master

King of Ghetto House DJ Slugo

Chicago‘s King of Ghetto House, DJ Slugo starts the year off with a bang on this Juked out mix of the legendary Missy Elliot‘s Work It.

Reality Television is a

Rap Reality series “One Shot”

FINALLY a reality show that makes sense to me!!! Hosted by the one and only Sway, now rap has it’s own reality show series called “One Shot.” I checked out the contest site and there are some hot entries already…can’t wait to see what develops throughout this series.

With cats like Crooked I, T.I. and The Game on the panel we know there is a great chance we’ll get some real real outta this! DJ Khaled of course knows how to take artists to an epic level, so the winner and the other standouts have a good shot to get somewhere. Let’s not forget the addition of Tech N9ne, bruh has accomplished some amazing things in music and in business as an INDEPENDENT…he and Travis know how to get it done right.

With the loss of BET’s 106 & Park, Hip-Hop’s new wave of artists continue to have less and less LEGITIMATE platforms to showcase their talent. I’m putting some hopeful vibes out there that we are going to get something epic from Hip-Hop in 2015 and that “One Shot” will be the platform to bring it to pass!!! #OfficialHype

*sidenote* I’m STILL really PO’d at Sway and crew for naming Rick Ross “Emcee” of The Year sometime back…yes I’m holding a grudge on that BS…he’s a great rapper and businessman, NOT an “Emcee.” I’m hopeful “One Shot” will provide some redemption for that!!! IJS


The countdown begins as one of Rap’s first reality competition shows ever prepares to hit television and with it comes an A-list lineup of Hip-Hop’s finest.

Earlier this Fall, rapper/mogul KXNG CROOKED (bka Crooked I) announced on Sway In the Morning that he would be delivering an all-rap competition series for 2015. The show is called One Shot, as Crooked — flanked by Sway, King Tech, and SMH Records CEO Mike Smith — will travel to eight cities across the country on the hunt for talent. The winner will take home a grand prize of $100,000 and a record deal with SMH Records.

The stakes have gotten higher, as each week contestants will perform for celebrity judges to show them what they’ve got. The best of the best are on the roster. T.I., The Game, DJ Khaled, are among the most recently added to the One Shot celebrity judges pool. They will join the likes of RZA, Twista, Tech N9ne, Scarface, E-40, The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God, Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse, DJ Drama and more to come of the star-studded roster of Hip-Hop heavyweights who will judge the performers from week to week.

For months, rappers from all corners of the country have submitted their video entries to MyOneShot.TV in the hopes of getting their “one shot” at fame once they try out in their respective cities. Now, with the added bonus of rap celebrity judges, the pressure is on. Contestants will travel to their city, following their video submission, for an in-person tryout before Horseshoe G.A.N.G., KXNG CROOKED, King Tech, and Mike Smith.

via T.I., The Game, Tech N9ne, DJ Khaled, RZA, sign on as Celebrity Judges for Rap’s first reality competition series ‘One Shot’.



The Hype Magazine adds BET 106 & Park’s DJ ASAP as an official Brand Ambassador

Indianapolis, IN(June, 2014) – The Hype Magazine announced today it has officially added BET 106 and Park‘s DJ ASAP and the TEAM ASAP EMPIRE as Brand Ambassadors for the outlet. DJ ASAP and TEAM ASAP EMPIRE will act as the faces of The Hype Magazine in the great state of Texas.

DJ ASAP and his team, will receive editorial, promotional and public relations support from The Hype Magazine, and TEAM ASAP et., al., will help embed The Hype Magazine brand into the daily lexicon of Texas entertainment, as well as his other ventures and appearances.

DJ ASAP joins an elite list of ambassadors for The Hype Magazine including, Bad Boy producer MilTickit, CEO of the three-time Grammy Award winning production team Track Kingz, and professional MMA fighter Ben Craggy. More ambassadors will be named in 2015.


DJ ASAP has quickly become one of the most sought-after DJs in the Southwest as his magic on the 1s and 2s take over Dallas Nightlife as he is one of the most successful business men in this monster we call the entertainment Industry and also being one of the industry’s most well-known Celebrity DJs. His many successful bookings from major events, to BET’s 106andPark in a resident position, as well as being selected as an official DJ for the 2014 NCAA Final Four right at home in Dallas, has catapulted him into a Super Celebrity DJ status.

ASAP not only is the primetime DJ at all venues that he is booked, but he is also a promoter of his own club nights in Dallas; Luxx on Thursdays, Downtown, Blend Saturdays in Lower Greenville, The Pho Lounge on Sunday for his notoriously known day pool parties, which all hosts the wide range of celebrities that stop by to party and entertain. The list includes celebrity DJs, athletes such as Floyd Mayweather, and artists such as Drake, Ace Hood, Jamie Foxx, Kirko Bangz, Tank, Michelle Williams, Drumma Boy, Chris Brown, Kenny Burns from Revolt Nation, and even Slick Rick. This alone has everybody asking “Where is DJ ASAP?” when they come to Dallas.

About The Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine is an American music and entertainment magazine covering “News from Hip Hop to Hollywood.” Founded in 2002 by CEO/Publisher Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, the brand grew from an exclusively digital/print-on-demand magazine expanding its presence to newsstands in November 2013. In February 2014, the Atlanta City Council honored The Hype Magazine CEO/Publisher Jameelah with a proclamation in her honor as a successful brand owner and female business owner. The Hype Magazine is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and publishes quarterly in print and monthly in digital/print-on-demand format.

In 2013, The Hype Magazine received its first major entertainment industry award nomination for “Magazine of the year,” via the 11th annual Southern Entertainment Awards (S.E.A.). In 2014, the outlet was nominated for “Magazine Publication Of The Year” by the SCM Awards.

The Hype Magazine has nearly 200,000 digital subscribers and more than 2 million unique visitors per month to its online properties. The Hype Magazine circulation is approximately 200,000 via combined distribution outlets including print and online retailers.

During the magazine’s history, The Hype Magazine is noted for having covered new and emerging acts long before mainstream media, often giving these artists their first national magazine cover story or feature story. The Hype Magazine parent company is How You Perceive Everything, Inc. and the initials created the title of the magazine.

For more information please contact:

Cristina Birdsong for My Lyfe productions Empire or 469.233.7109

Jerry Doby for The Hype Magazine or 301.579.4973 x9

Jameelah Wilkerson for The Hype Magazine



#GMIXX2014 Chicago Aug 15-17th 2014

ParentPowerChicago Presents 8th Global Mixx Music and Film Forum
“Generation Next” Aug 15 through Aug 17

(Chicago, IL) Eight years has seen the annual Global Mixx Forum grow to add a Film component to its yearly event. This years Music and Film forum will be held in Chicago Aug 15-17th, 2014.

Global Mixx has been the highlight of the summer and the go-to entertainment industry conference among both local and national attendees in the business as regards the entertainment industry in Chicago, and this year will expand its reach into the film and television section.  With the advancement of technology, has come more opportunity for Indie Filmmakers, music supervisors, media buyers and on-screen hopefuls, to enter the realm of film and television. Attendees will engage with working professionals from within the industry.

Past honorary co-chairs have included Grammy Award winners; Kanye West and Common, Illinois Congressional Representatives; Danny K. Davis and Bobby L. Rush, Producer Vincent Herbert, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, DJ Terry Hunter, among others.

City: Chicago, IL


Aug 15 VIP Reception at undisclosed location

Saturday, Aug 16
Film Forum
@ Cinespace Chicago Film Studios
9am – 5:30pm
Featuring panel discussions and workshops in Acting, Film Production and Screenwriting.

Global Mixx & ParentPowerChicago Presents ‘Celebrity DJ Softball Game’

North DJs vs. Dirty South DJs @ Garfield Park
In conjunction with the Chicago Westside Music Festival
1pm – 5pm

Sunday, Aug 17
Music Forum
@ Zhou B. Art Center
10am – 8:30pm

ParentPowerChicago partners with the Global Mixx Music Forum for one of two levels dedicated to Parents and Youth learning more about the business and available resources within the music, creative media and marketing community.

Workshops include:

“In the Lab” Production Workshops
Radio Programming and Record Promotions
Brand, Image and Public Relations
Social Media and Creative Media
Business Affairs, Publishing and Money Management
Stage Parents and Talented Kids
Speed Mentoring Sessions

Keynote Address Speaker (TBA)

A special Indie Music Showcase will wrap up the event.

We are currently accepting film submissions for the Film Forum Short Film Showcase. Deadline is July 22, 2014.

Music Submissions for the Indie Music showcase for the Music Forum is a ‘paid only’ entry process. Limited space provided for live performances.

To register and enter both showcases, visit:

About Parent Power Chicago

ParentPowerChicago, Inc., is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents help their children improve their learning skills, be successful in school and have a great future. We hope to inspire and support parents, engage and empower them to become more involved in their children’s education.

Access a wide range of support to help your child in school, from tutoring, homework help, on-line teaching, mentoring and more. If your child is interested in music and the arts, you can find a fabulous range of programs throughout Chicago. You can also find school options, available financial aid and scholarships. And if your child is planning for college, we can connect you to literally thousands of colleges, help you apply, find financial aid and more!

And, join our Power Parents. Parents like yourself who are dedicated to finding the best education for their children. You can share experiences, help organize events and more.

About Global Mixx

Global Mixx Music Forum was created in 2005 and headquartered in Chicago. Past Honorary Co-Chairs have included Vincent Herbert, DJ Terry Hunter, Chris Lighty, Kelly Griffin and Grammy Award Winning artists, Kanye West, Common and Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, DJ Timbuck 2, Congressman Danny K. Davis, and Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.

Past Sponsors have included Smirnoff “Masters of Mix”, The Recording Academy (NARAS), Def Jam, Interscope/Geffen/A&M, Jive Records, Courvoisier, Bad Boy, Atlantic Records, Zone 4, Capitol Records, DigiWaxx and eOne Ent.

Past National DJ Coalitions participants: Heavy Hitters, Turntable Assassins, Blok Club DJs, Violator All Star DJs, The Core DJs, Bum Squad, Murda Mamis, Soul Selectors, Hitt Menn, TJ DJs, Super Friends, Club Bangers and More!

All press inquiries regarding Global Mixx Music and Film Forum 14’ please contact:, 301.579.4973 x9

For More Information on Global Mixx Music and Film Forum or Sponsorship please contact:

Mary Datcher at























Last night, Future was in-studio at Sirius XM on the Hip Hop Nation channel 44 for his Album release party for Honest. DJ Steel held down the 1’s and 2’s as DJ Scream talked to Future about how his new album came together, featured artists on the project and more. Guests and fans were welcomed into Sirius XM studios as Future spoke live about his music while they enjoyed food and drinks. Future also talked about certain tracks, including one featuring Nicki Minaj which did not make the album due to time constraints, but will be released at a later date.

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