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Music Money Mixtapes by DJ Bankrupt

DJ Bankrupt, the Canadian Connection

DJ Bankrupt goes to his followers vaults to pull out some new summer heat from the streets. More production, less stunting on the tracks. The newest banger for this summer! Another Coast2Coast mixtape, sponsored by Music Money Mixtapes #MMMRADIO. features Canada‘s only mixtape radio show and DJ Bankrupt has been the Canadian Connection for many artists around the world.  Catering to only indie artists, Bankrupt and his Music Money Mixtapes show and Mixtape series, is one of the most legitimate radio networks to support up and coming artists that I know of.

Bankrupt Business 13 features some of the top indie artists from around the globe, pulled right from the Music Money Mixtapes vault…this represents the cream of the crop from his show!  if you are a supporter of indie artists, the Bankrupt Business mixtape series will give you all you can handle!  Enjoy!


DJ Hustle is one of the most prolific DJ personalities from the West Coast.  With multiple appearances in music videos and national commercials, his face will soon be on of those you will recognize on sight.  DJ Hustle and his HustleTV program brings his viewer exclusive access to some of the biggest names in the the music world.  HustleTV is one of the must stop-ins for entertainment personalities when they hit the Los Angeles area.

With his new partnership with The Hype Magazine, DJ Hustle and are creating a new dynamic in digital media for global music world.

Here is one of the 1st installments from HustleTV a live performance from West Coast next to blow Glasses Malone:

Get more information on DJ Hustle at and check him out via The Hype Magazine in the December issue series.


Japanese producer Kut teams up with DJ Instynctz for Street KhemistryDJ Instynctz and Kut the Producer team up to bring the worlds of U.S. and Japanese Hip Hop together.

In one of my Yahoo! Voices articles, I talked about Hip Hop still impacting music worldwide and Street Khemistry 8 just proves my point in a major way. Brought to the table by DJ Instynctz for his Street Khemistry series, Japanese producer Kut serves us a huge dose of verifiably real Hip Hop tracks, which act as the music bed for some of the most deadly delivery of lyrics by artists from two different continents.

Those in the know are already hip to DJ Instynctz and his insane mixtape compositions and as the official show DJ for rap artist Torch. Instynctz’s “Street Khemistry” series has blessed us with some of the cream of the crop in the world of Hip Hop.

DJ Instynctz was raised in the North East Bronx and was influenced by the sounds and styles of urban life in New York City. His curiosity led him to explore his older brother’s vinyl records and he became interested in Hip Hop. With his brother’s records and a belt drive turntable he fun a way to express himself creatively.

DJ Instynctz aka Mr Problematik Status can now be seen energizing a club with his diverse arsenal of genres, making the airwaves sizzle with signature mixes, exclusive interviews and quality mixtapes. He’s now one of the most sought after mixtape DJs with a growing catalogue.

Kut is a Hip Hop producer from Tokyo bay area of Japan. He started out in Tokyo spinning parties but soon he purchased his first sampler and began making tracks on his own. Shortly thereafter, he quit Djing in favor of production. Kut has spent time in various U.S. cities, absorbing the vibes and techniques from various studios including New York’s D&D Studios.

After returning to Japan, Kut took a break from production but that didn’t last long. MC Nyche from the Bronx had connected with Kut while he was in New York and when he got his distribution deal with Universal, he got with Kut to produce “Ziplock” feat. Cam’ron and Fred the Godson as a single from the album project. Now he’s produced and worked with the legends Marley Marl, Talib Kweli, and Fiend, in addition to Cam’ron Fred the Godson and more.

Kut produced 11 of the 17 tracks on DJ Instynctz’s Street Khemistry 8 including the aforementioned “Zip Lock” by Nyche.

One of my favorites from this set is track 8Friday Night” by Lil Lexy (Prod. by Kut), the driving beat and evil sounding synths are a magical match for Lexy’s singsong flow, she works really well with this joint.

On a whole other side of the coin is the old school snare and clap flavored “Thirst Cream” by Reynos (Prod. by Kut) which is track 8 of the mix. I was feeling track 3New Jap Swing” which is a mashup of some Rhianna vocals fit in between some cold ass riffs by Japanese Hip Hop Heads Knell, Naoya, and Dizzy Doeswell, DJ Instynctz CLOWNED ON THIS MIX!!!

I enjoyed the Japanese flavor to the familiar yet original grooves and I can’t for the life of me figure out how the hell they can make that language sound like it belongs to Hip Hop naturally! These cats are good!!!

If you have ever been to a underground set like Project Blowed in LA, Dragon’s Den (also LA) or the Wet Joint hosted by Joint One DJs, Joey Slick, DJ Kev and The Shuzz, then track 4Play on” (Prod. by Kut) by Gee Dubs is going to take you home with some real certified Hip Hop flavor, usually reserved for those exclusive underground spots.

Overall, this is one of the most original, solid mixtapes I have heard in a long time, while I won’t be corny and say I don’t have any favorites because the are all so good that I can’t pick, I AM going to #COSIGN this mixtape as one worth having and keeping.

You don’t have to understand all the words to appreciate the artists and production value…don’t trip Cam’Ron isn’t ripping in Japanese!!! This is a great mix and kept me rocking for 17 straight tracks…track 17 is actually a bonus trackThe Jig’s Up” by Kwan Lee (Prod. by Kut). Yeah that one is special too…Kut brought out so many weapons on this track, I KNOW we are going to hear his name on the regular here in the States real soon.

In my opinion, there HAS to be a part 2, 3, 4….I couldn’t get enough of this mixtape…good stuff…trust me.

Follow@DJInstynctz and @KutTBA  on Twitter. Check out for some of the hottest joints, videos, etc,…DJ Instynctz and crew have got your daily fix!

DJ Instynctz can be heard live every Saturday from 8-9 pm EST on

RATING: 4/5 fists!




The Hype Magazine and The Midwest Record Pool Presents 10 Year Anniversary Weekend! | Doby Communications, Inc.

The Hype Magazine Midwest Flyer



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SwurvRadio | #NewMusic: Brian Trill Doby is arapper from Topeka Kansas. At 21 years of age he has already been heard by many major forces in the game, and  is  featured on many mixtapes including DJ Michael 5000 Watts of Swishahouse‘s “Let ya nuts Hang 2k11″, and “Industry Lockdown”.

See on


In the Mixx: DJs Doing Work

I’ve been following this project for some time now and it’s a real tribute to the impact DJs have on the music industry at-large.  Director Mehka has received unparalleled access to the top working DJs in the industry making this documentary feature film the most authentic piece of work ever to discuss the impact of those that are truly the backbone of the music world.  Well put together with appearances by the likes of OG Ron C, Steve Raze of AllHipHop and from the UK FigaDJ, we are given a look at how real DJs view themselves and others who are faking the funk.  In the Mixx: DJs Doing Workwill rival any music industry film ever created.

To really know the story of hip-hop you must first know about the Dj. “In The Mixx: Djs Doing Work” Produced and directed by freelance writer Mehka, the documentary features interviews and clips from notable talents such as in the music and DJ world such as Greg Street, Dj Green Lantern, Steve Raze from, Dj Z from, Matt Sonzala, Dj Infamous, OG Ron C, Dj Envy, Dj Scream, Dj Babey Drew, Figa Dj and more.

“”In the mixx: Djs doing work”  covers the influence and impact of Djs on the Hip-Hop culture.Minus the Dj, we have no culture,” said Mehka.

The film touches on topics such as the rise of mixtapes, Dj Screw and his impact on the Texas music scene, how the Internet has changed Dj’ing and more. Filming since October 2010, “*In the mixx: Djs doing work*” will complete production in 2012.

For more information about “*In the mixx: Djs doing work*” including how to set-up interviews and more, contact, follow the movie at and check out

DJ Competition produced by Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

TV personality and music producer Simon Cowell is launching a new talent competition to find the world’s best DJs.

Already known to television audiences in Britain and the United States as the acerbic judge on hit talent shows like American IdolThe X Factorand Britain’s Got Talent, the 52-year-old is looking to expand his empire.

“DJ’s are the new rock stars, it feels like the right time to make this show,” he said in a statement.

The new format will be co-produced by SYCO, Cowell’s joint venture with Sony Music, and Overbrook Entertainment, a U.S. entertainment company founded by Hollywood star Will Smith.

Sony Pictures Television will also be a partner in the venture, which has been in development for more than a year. Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith has been involved for Overbrook.

The three parties said they would announce their broadcast partners in Britain and the United States soon.

Retrieved from: (January 29, 2012)

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SwurvRadio's DJ Figa is one of the UK's most dynamic DJ personalities

DJ Figa

DJ Figa is one of the UK’s most prolific and dynamic DJ personalities!  Spinning all genres of music and pushing out at least 52 Mixtape projects a year, this DJ could easily have a new Grammy Award category created just for her!!!