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Marcus Marcell

Marcus Marcell

Marcus Marcell is set to release debut CD “Got A Intuition”.

Marcus Marcell is set to release debut CD “Got A Intuition”.

Marcus Marcell served in the Army for 18 years. He along with Several Producer’s and Artist have been working in the Inland Empire and sound labs in Los Angeles, California since 1996. He recently obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in business at Grand Canyon University in 2012. January

Marcus is pre-releasing his hit single “Facebook Friends” to entice audiences worldwide.

This song has smooth vocals with sultry undertones. It carries a great tempo with great melodic runs and catchy verses. This single is only a taste of what is yet to come. It represents the quality of work Marcus Marcell is creating for audiences all over by delivering relatable subjects through a hot R & B sound.

Marcus Marcell’s music is available digitally and physically at most digital storefronts including but not limited to:
(Search: Marcus Marcell), , ,  ,, www., , , , , and

You can reach Marcus Marcell at:

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Boston Hip-Rocker PFEVA

PFEVA Rock of Boston is doing her part to bring Hip-Rock back to the forefront of the music world!!!  With her music recently featured on Canada’s CTV “The Listener” television series, she has begun the journey that every hopeful artist wishes to make…having millions of fans hear and enjoy their music creations.  I had an opportunity to interview this busy artist whose is seeing a larger demand for her featured presence on projects ranging from heavy metal to Hip Hop and requests for more submissions for television.  I felt blessed to get this time with PFEVA so check out this wildfire artist and I highly recommend you not miss out on some great music on her website or her app!


Who are your musical influences and why?

I have a wide range of musical influences from rock to r&b to pop, covering most of the 80’s to early 90’s. Such acts as Guns and Roses, Journey, Def Leppard, RUN-DMC, Queen Latifah, Pat Benatar, Gap Band, Prince and Stevie Nicks. Each artist or group brought passion, talent and uniqueness.  The artist that had the most influence over me was the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Beyond Michael being a great singer and a phenomenal entertainer he was capable of bridging the gap between race and music, with a background such as mind that really appealed to me. Tina Turner also had an influence on me, she delivered a raw powerful sound that commanded your attention and there was no way around it but to listen. She is black rock n’ soul.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician/artist? 

Well I knew I always wanted to be in the entertainment field. I started out dancing as a kid and that lasted off and on thorough out high school. It wasn’t until my first year in the Navy did I realize rapping was something I had a knack for.

What prompted you to venture into Hip-Rock?

I’ve always had a love for hip-hop and rock music, but the light bulb went off when I heard the last two minutes of RUN-DMC”s song Rock Box. The sounds of just the hard hitting beat laced with a guitar solo opened my mind to the genre, but of course at that time the term “hip-rock” hadn’t existed. Mixing these two genres for me felt very natural, almost like the piece to a missing puzzle. Thanks Rick Rubin

What is your favorite part of performing?

The adrenaline rush I get from seeing the fans getting involved in the show. Or when I get a crowd that is not familiar with my music but quickly becomes familiar with the song mid-way through performing it, shouting out the chorus along with me, as if they knew it all along….the best feeling!!!

What can your fans expect on the album you are currently creating?

This being my self-titled, debut album, fans can expect A TRUE introduction of Pfeva.

Fans will get a taste of what real Hip-Rock laced with soul is, very high-energy and profound.

Where is the one place in the world you would love to perform at and why?

I would have to say in Asia, I’ve always wanted to perform in Japan; the hip-hop culture is big there. I’ve started to teach myself some basic Japanese, preparing myself for the big day. I’ve also just been made aware there is a huge hip-rock culture in Indonesia. I guess need to learn to speak Indonesian as well ha-ha

Tell us about the best part of what you do?

The creative process is the best part of what I do, challenging myself each and every time is how I am able to bring such a diverse sound and style to my listeners.

What do you think of today’s musical trends?

I’ve grown to appreciate the term “back in the day” Things are different from when I was growing up, I miss the anticipation of seeing the next greatest hip-hop album covers.  Such as classic covers of RUN DMC, LL COOL, Beastie Boys and the list goes on.  Now that technology has changed and music is primarily downloaded, you miss out on the BIG piece of artwork that reflects the story the artist is trying to convey in their music. The upside in this wonderful world of technology is independent artist are able to sell their own music without sharing a big piece of the pie with the labels.

Any advice for upcoming artists?  

My only and most important advice would be educate yourself as much as you can about the music business and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Everyone in your camp must have your best interest at heart and be thirsty for your success, but not crave for it, because this will only create greed.

Where can your fans find more info?

Blogging Awards

As I grow into this thing called blogging, I continuously find myself being welcomed into the “blog-fold” by new and exciting people who are reaching out with encouragement and inspiration to continue on the my new path!  It is humbling to “meet” so many people in the blogging community who take the time out to lend a helping hand, provide suggestions and in the broadest sense of global family, blanket newbies like myself with an overwhelming sense of security as we share ourselves.  With that said, I would like to thank Dolly of for nominating me for the “Liebster Award”!

The Liebster Award is bring attention to new bloggers who have less than 200 followers (that’s me), and expose them to a greater audience!  The award comes with some responsibility as well, the nominee should recommend and additional 5 bloggers who also fit the “under 200” category!  I am pleased to participate in this great networking activity!

Liebster Award for the "under 200" community of bloggers.

My nominees for the Liebster Blog Award are:

  1. GetMyBuzzUp Music Site a very good music site covering the Urban Music Scene!;
  2. Malcolm Springer a 4-time Grammy winning multi-platinum selling producer, audio pioneer and songwriter.  Malcolm just opened a new recording company, AngelCrush Entertainment in Memphis, TN, whose mission it  to give budding artists and producers and opportunity to learn from and create with some of the top names in the industry;
  3. RealityTV Troy because he is an alum of my school, Full Sail University AND the producer of Love and Basketball but with his busy schedule, Troy still give back to the student community with guest lectures and interviews;
  4. a site dedicated to making quality introductions for entertainment industry students and new graduates, connecting them with solid information about entering the job market;
  5. Last but definitely not least is Wendy Day who is one of the most influential people in the Urban entertainment industry and if rappers and Hip Hop artists would just READ, Wendy would ensure that the rest of us weren’t inundated with the overwhelming noise coming from that corner of the music industry today!

Well enough of my ramblings but once again Thank You for considering me for this award to Dolly and I just happen to be a big fan of AllAboutLemon

Respectful regards to the entire blogging community! #salute