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Hip-Hop has always been about competition and winning lyrical battles in front of audiences and judges there to critique your barz…for money, brings another level of pressure. The emerging traveling rap battle league BullPen hosts initiations for lyricists who’ve made the cut and what a better ceremony than dropping the initiates into the arena!

The CLEAR winner of this battle is comedian/rapper Doby from Topeka, Kansas (785), who shuts the door on his opponent at the close of each verse by branding his surname.

In this battle, Doby epitomizes what MC’s are known for, how they earn their stripes, metaphors, punch lines and the ability to take what’s thrown at them and flip it to their advantage.

Witness the utter destruction of Doby’s opponent from the Bronx’s, Casuan…total mismatch.  Doby has successfully strutted his comedic stuff, in Hollywood at the Comedy Store on Sunset as part of a BET comedy search in which he made the semi-finals and has played rooms from Chicago to Atlanta with his popularity growing throughout the United States.

My mom always told me not to get into a word battle with a comedian. Casuan should have taken heed!


Score: Doby 3-0, creativity, witticism, stage presence and BARZ!

No genre is mightier than hip-hop in 2015.

Like Taylor Swift last fall, who switched up her sound and lapped her pop peers in year-end sales, rappers such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar have revitalized the industry with bold moves that fly in the face of traditional radio. With innovative styles that have paved the way for new artists, a timely new emphasis on social commentary, the muscle of social media and a mastery of the surprise release, rap’s surge has fans listening in big numbers.

Last week, Drake’s surprise If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late became the first album of the year to sell more than 1 million copies — on top of the more than 570 million streams it has accumulated across platforms since February, according to Nielsen Music. The Toronto native reached the milestone just days after Dr. Dre released his first album in nearly 16 years, Compton, which shocked music fans when it was announced last month and could sell as many as 300,000 copies in its first week, Billboard predicts.


Drake has 2015’s first platinum release

Unsurprising, given how rappers have run the tables the rest of the year. Of Spotify’s 10 most streamed albums this year, seven are hip-hop, led by Kendrick Lamar (To Pimp a Butterfly), A$AP Rocky (At.Long.Last.A$AP), Meek Mill (Dreams Worth More Than Money) and Future (DS2). Each bowed at No. 1 and has sold more than 200,000 copies (or in Pimp’s case, triple that).

Almost as impressive, three of 2015’s most streamed songs have also been rap, including Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen, Omarion’s Post to Be and Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again (a No. 1 champ for nearly three months on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart). Factor in newcomers such as Silento (Watch Me) and T-Wayne (Nasty Freestyle), who have translated viral successes into top 10 hits, and hip-hop has rarely been more pervasive or diverse.

“What we’re hearing now is a whole range of styles,” says Erik Nielson, an assistant professor of liberal arts at the University of Richmond who teaches classes in hip-hop culture. “Some of the major players that have dominated for a number of years — Jay Z, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne — they’re less influential than they were. What you’re seeing in some sense is not so much a changing of the guard, because they’re still really important in the industry, but it’s opened up this space for a bunch of new acts to enter the scene.”

The movement also has paved the way for more experimental, incisive music this year as rappers become less reliant on radio singles and more invested in the art of the album as a whole. New releases from Joey Bada$$ (B4.Da.$$), Tyler, the Creator (Cherry Bomb) and Wale (The Album About Nothing) all started in the top five of the Billboard album charts, despite little promotion and no crossover hits.

“These albums are all unapologetically uncommercial — they don’t make concessions to the radio or music industry,” says Billboard senior editor Alex Gale. “If you’re a Kendrick Lamar fan, you need to listen to the whole album. You can’t digest it from a single. … To me, it’s kind of fascinating to see rap waving the banner for the album.”

via Why 2015 is the year of hip-hop.

Barrelz Da Beast  - "Hardest Of The Hardest" /

Philadelphia’s own “Barrelz Da Beast’ is back and he drops off his new track “Hardest Of The Hardest”

Twitter: @BarrelzDaBeast2

Instagram: @BarrelzDaBeast

Pictured: E.L.I. (Empowering Live Instruments)

Pictured: E.L.I. (Empowering Live Instruments)

E.L.I. is one of the next wave of true Hip-Hop MCs that bring us epic celebrations of the genre. Respecting all of the pillars of Hip-Hop is one of the key elements that makes this artist stand out among the ever growing crowd of folks using the genre to their advantage without giving back. IJS


Some visuals from Billionaire Buck for his hot joint “Around Da Way.” It took a minute but he put together a cool piece for this…love the family engagement…that was a “Man Up” statement worthy of much respect.

West Coast Rapper Phenom Wess drops new single "Story of Life"

Phenom Wess “Story of Life” Ft. Omar Aura

West Coast rapper Phenom Wess drops his newest single “Story of Life” Ft. Omar Aura.  Phenom hit hard with his previous single “Picture Perfect” which enjoyed much independent success.

Follow Phenom Wess on Twitter and check out his official website here

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Jackson, MS (Jan 2014) – Mississippi born rapper E.L.I. (Empowering Live Instruments), announced today that, his new single “Aint Bout That Life,” will release Feb 4, 2014 exclusively distributed via INgrooves/Fontana “UMGD” Universal Music Group Distribution in association with Wealth Nation Entertainment.  He will also embark on an eight city whirlwind tour which begins on the day of the single release.  E.L.I., is also the cover story for the January issue of The Hype Magazine, available via print on demand and all digital devices globally.

E.L.I. is the product of a time when the whole world was listening to hip hop; before it began to insist upon itself. E.L.I. represents the voice of the have nots; that struggling voice that has everything to say and nothing to hide.

A young producer as well, he strives for that sound that ceases to be just music, but the moment itself. He holds the righteous seasoning of Southern swag with the amalgamation of East coast influence, along with a transposing ear that plugs right in with any of the 9 instruments that he plays.

Coming behind his successful mixtape project released in September of 2013 entitled “No Topic Mixtape” hosted by DJ Phingaprint, E.L.I. looks to catapult onto the national stage as a lyrical artist who consciously stays away from the norm and presents his message in a manner which gives attention to listeners visceral needs in regards to hip hop.

For more information on E.L.I. visit him on:

Reverbnation or his fan page on Facebook

Background: E.L.I. (empowering live instruments)

Elijah JonPaul Lewis – born July 10, 1991. From Jackson, Ms during the renaissance of 90’s hip hop and coming right from the time when holding the (mic) was more than serious. E.L.I. is the product of a time when the whole world was listening to hip hop; before it began to insist upon itself.  E.L.I. represents the voice of the have nots; that struggling voice that has everything to say and nothing to hide.

A young producer as well, he strives for that sound that ceases to be just music, but the moment itself.  He holds the righteous seasoning of Southern swag with the amalgamation of East coast influence, along with a transposing ear that plugs right in with any of the 9 instruments that he plays.

E.L.I. was the kid in the backpack backstage when he was a kid. Coming into the age of the grand scheme and trap all stars, he holds onto lyrical ingenuity and genuine character that rocks just like he rides. “Life is a break beat…living is the lyrics…”


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Phenom Wess

Phenom “Picture Perfect”

Phenom Wess has a long love affair with hip hop dating back to the age of 8 where he performed in a hip hop talent show at the Jackie Robinson YMCA in San Diego.

Facing the reality of economic difficulties to finance a music career and realizing his grades weren’t good enough to get him into any of the colleges he desired, he enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 17.  Phenom is still currently serving his country in the Navy and is a veteran of multiple deployments yet his love for music has been cathartic for him, and he records from his soul.

Phenom just released his debut single “Picture Perfect” which is an insightful and rich story of a young man celebrating the lyrical dynamics of the hip hop of old.  Deep lyrical presentation and vivid descriptions of how he has come to take his rightful place at the head of the hip hop table set this artist apart from the standard fare we hear on the radio now.

Ensconced in a music bed that takes your mind on a trip without any chemical assistance, Phenom’s lyrical stylings can send those who remember original hip hop, on a ride that will simply take you there.

Life experience, dedication to duty and self sacrifice have given Phenom a lyrical edge worthy of giving him the title emcee, not just a rapper…he’s “Picture Perfect.”  Enjoy!



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11 Grooves

Lawson-Montgomery is an independent record label based in Raleigh, North Carolina and is administered by Diamond Music Group (DMG), Inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada; distributed by INgrooves Music . The company’s products are developed under the A&R guidance of Lavae McClinnahan. The new digital music industry has given new independent record labels and unprecedented opportunity to compete on a major level … with the right team.

Home to the artist collective known as 11 Grooves, Lawson-Montgomery, brings under its umbrella a selection of talent that sets the stage for a new dynamic in Southern music. The mission of the label is to deliver quality and meaningful products to meet the needs and wants of global consumers.

11 Grooves was founded in 2000 by Marc Law a native of Duplin County, NC. As a long time fan of hip hop music, he began his career kicking verses with friends and on underground tracks in various studios. He is also a member of the Tsunami Gang, a group comprised of artists on the 11 Entertainment label. In keeping with the Lawson-Montgomery philosophy of exposing top talent from the Carolina region, the crew hosts a monthly event in Raleigh called “New Ishh Fridayz” to showcase Carolina’s independent artists.

One of the driving forces behind any venture are the “handlers” or business minds that handle the plethora of mundane pieces of the machine which make a successful business grow and prosper. Diamond Music Group, Inc., is the secret weapon for Lawson-Montgomery and 11 Grooves.

via Industry Profile: Independent Record Label Lawson-Montgomery and Music Collective 11 Grooves – Yahoo Voices –

A couple months ago I was introduced to this artist wearing face paint in the style of a classic mime…not sure what made me look at the video, perhaps because he had manners and said hello, introduced himself before bombarding me with links…yup, he had manners!!!
As I started the video, I confess I wasn’t looking at the screen or to be truthful, listening with more than half an ear…and then the intro went out and in came this banging joint which made me instinctively glance at the screen to see what?!  An artistically done black and white video with some crazy effects that didn’t take away from the song, just added to the pure entertainment value.  The track was insane after the slow setup of the intro and banged right through the outtro, so I what I’m definitely saying is this was one of the most fun moments I’ve had covering music in quite some time…yup…I hit replay about 8x in a row, it’s that dope to me.
Shyine has an amazing story, when we spoke via telephone and he explained how he created the video “Back To Life,” I was amazed.  Obviously his skill set doesn’t just revolve around making music, he is his own one-stop shop..amazing in this day and age.  This kid does just about EVERYTHING himself and he flat out brings it.
I did this interview back in August for The HYPE Magazine and Shyine promptly returned it but something made me wait to drop it and now, the time is right…enjoy the conversation and make sure you check out the visuals to the single “Back To Life”  I’m sure you will become a fan of his work!
Who is Shyine, and where are you from?

Shyine is an exciting and energetic Hip Hop entertainer from Louisville, Kentucky. Best known for his out the box thinking when it comes to creating music, Shyine’s ultimate goal is to “Bring Hip Hop back to the forefront” and the forefront is truly where he stands.

How did you discover your musical talent?
Growing up around music, through the years I was a music lover not a music maker, until 2009 I was opened to the making of music as I was first introduced to beat production. From that point on I was hooked. I then decided that being a music producer was something for Me, staying more behind the scenes and focusing on just producing beats. I would soon realize that I was destined for much more than I could have imagined.
Who has been your greatest inspirations musically and why?
One of the biggest influences in music for me was Michael Jackson. I can still remember the first time I saw Thriller on VHS. The creativity with-in his music was mind blowing and the entertainment value was off the charts. When it came to his music, the level of originality and creativity was unheard of. He was not afraid of stepping out of the box when it came to his music. Tupac Shakur was another huge inspiration to me. His true life stories being translated into music gave me a inside look at a life from his prospective. This is when I discovered my love for West Coast style of music.
What do you feel you offer the music industry that we don’t already have in other performers?
To be different is to be original which I seem to do very well. Bringing a unique sound and vibe to music is and has been the plan from day one.  From making my own beats, to recording them in my home studio and engineering and mixing them all myself so that people could see the whole me when it comes to my music. Even shooting my first Music Video I wanted them to see what I see, but through my eyes. I have always felt nothing comes without hard work and knowledge and the only way to gain knowledge was to experience all aspects of the music business. With out of the box thinking, from music, to the videos and even the stage performances, I give the fans a show with music they can just move and vibe to.  One of the biggest compliments I have received was “Your music is so different, but I really like it.” This coming from a big Country music fan who didn’t like Hip Hop or Rap.
Have you encountered any problems in getting to this point in your career?
There are so many artists trying to break into the industry that it waters down the value of a true musician and makes it hard to be heard. They say it’s all about who you know, but in reality it’s what kind of relationship you build with those you know and meet. This has been the biggest issue with my career but have I strived to overcome it by never giving up and taking chances and always reaching out to new people. I continue to reach out to others because for every 100 no’s there might be a chance at 1 yes, and it only takes one yes to change your situation.
What do you want people to get from your music?
I guess what I would want most is for the fans and supporters to truly enjoy the music I create. When they hear my music I want it to put a smile on their faces and make their body move to the beat. Music has always played a large roll in my life and has helped me through good times and bad times and holds a unbelievable power for the soul. I love to be entertained and the thing I love even more is entertaining others.

Read the full interview here >>>