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11 Grooves

Lawson-Montgomery is an independent record label based in Raleigh, North Carolina and is administered by Diamond Music Group (DMG), Inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada; distributed by INgrooves Music . The company’s products are developed under the A&R guidance of Lavae McClinnahan. The new digital music industry has given new independent record labels and unprecedented opportunity to compete on a major level … with the right team.

Home to the artist collective known as 11 Grooves, Lawson-Montgomery, brings under its umbrella a selection of talent that sets the stage for a new dynamic in Southern music. The mission of the label is to deliver quality and meaningful products to meet the needs and wants of global consumers.

11 Grooves was founded in 2000 by Marc Law a native of Duplin County, NC. As a long time fan of hip hop music, he began his career kicking verses with friends and on underground tracks in various studios. He is also a member of the Tsunami Gang, a group comprised of artists on the 11 Entertainment label. In keeping with the Lawson-Montgomery philosophy of exposing top talent from the Carolina region, the crew hosts a monthly event in Raleigh called “New Ishh Fridayz” to showcase Carolina’s independent artists.

One of the driving forces behind any venture are the “handlers” or business minds that handle the plethora of mundane pieces of the machine which make a successful business grow and prosper. Diamond Music Group, Inc., is the secret weapon for Lawson-Montgomery and 11 Grooves.

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ESPN Drafts Wordsmith for College Football


Baltimore‘s Wordsmith hits us with another classic as only he can do it.  “Blue Collar Poet” (produced by JS aka The Best) has a great lyrical flow and of course the track is top flight.  Wordsmith has been doing it for quite a while and brings us a steady string of hits over the past several years.  Wordsmith recently signed a 2 year deal with Ingrooves/Fontana for his indie label Nu Revolution; Look for him to be among the next to blow by 2014!  Enjoy!

Baltimore's Wordsmith 'Blue Collar Poet'

Wordsmith ‘Blue Collar Poet’ (produced by JS aka The Best)