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SwurvRadio one of America‘s top online radio stations with more than 5 million listeners globally officially launched their mobile app.  Celebrating 6 plus years as a leader in online radio, Swurv continues to bring fresh new music and lead the pack with the hottest DJs from across the world including the UK and Belgium…Tune In!!!
“Can’t express enough how much of a game changer having our official iPhone & Android app really is. After years of waiting and  trying to find the right developer we decided to do it ourselves and it actually turned out better than expected. Sometimes you just have to do things yourself to get the results you want. Since building our own app it has actually opened the door for us to build and develop more apps for the radio as well as other artist and business that are looking for quality apps to promote their product. The app is just the beginning.
Osiris May
Chief Brand Advocate |
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Check out this talented singer Jarell Perry spit a freestyle vocal  with DBraxx on The Rap Project.

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Radio is the Key


Atlanta, GA ( — A new book entitled Sex Time And Radio Vol. 3: The Cult of Personality has been released as part of a 5 volume, 4 book series about life in urban radio during the 1990s & 2000s. The author of the series is Marcus Chapman; a music historian and on-air personality known as “MC Marcus Chapman” who worked at WGCI-FM in Chicago, KKDA-FM in Dallas, WTLC-FM in Indianapolis, and was heard on WVEE-FM in Atlanta. Chapman also came close to making stops at stations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and North Carolina.

While the entire Sex Time And Radio book series lets the reader experience the lifestyle of an on-air personality first-hand, Vol. 3: The Cult of Personality deals with life inside professional radio from 1995 to 1999; most notably inside Chicago radio station WGCI. Not only was WGCI Chicago’s #1 station at that time, it was also considered by many industry insiders to be the top urban station in America during that era. The station’s air staff produced nationally known alumni like Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Doug Banks, and current BET voiceover talent Rick Party. Author Marcus Chapman was WGCI’s youngest employee in this era, and he gives the reader an All-Access VIP Pass through this journey raw and uncut.

This book contains encounters with celebrities like R Kelly, Aaliyah, Dr. Dre, Michael Jordan, James Brown, Erykah Badu, OutKast, Ice Cube, Tyrese, En Vogue, LisaRaye, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and many more. It also contains info on how professional radio stations schedule their music; how comedians like Steve Harvey originally started in urban radio; how music industry policies affected record store sales and Billboard charts in the ‘90s; how clubs impacted the lives of on-air talents & their listeners; plus the challenges, frustrations & triumphs during the author’s own rise from studio assistant to on-air radio stardom. The book also delves into the deeper psychological reasons and life experiences that affect the sex drives of males in the spotlight. Chapman describes Sex Time And Radio Vol. 3: The Cult of Personality as “a must read for any mature adult who turned on a radio from the ‘90s until now” and says that it contains “valuable lessons for anyone who ever wanted to be more than what others expected them to be.”

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“With Doug Banks leaving the station, and Tom Joyner’s national show scheduled to move over to competitor V103 in January, there was a sense of uncertainty in the WGCI offices in late ’95. Members of the sales staff seemed particularly worried since much of the station’s revenue had been built from the popularity of the ‘Turntable Brothers’ Banks & Joyner. The station now had to continue without their two marquee names, and an entirely new lineup had to be built for GCI. If things had gone as planned, 1996 would’ve simply been another successful year for the station. Instead, a chain of events took place in the fall of ‘95 that would change not only WGCI, but eventually all urban and urban AC stations around the country, as well as on-air talents and listeners in not-so-positive ways.”

Chapter titles in the book include:

The 20 Dollar Challenge; The Name Game; Telephone Luv; Meet You at the Party; A Shot at the Title; JB, Aaliyah, and the Dr. Dre/Tupac Battle From the Grave; The Afterset; The Rotation; Say My Name, Say My Name; Black Coffee; Goin’ Postal; Standing On the Outside; Break On Through to the Other Side!; Welcome to the Club; Livin’ Like a Rock Star (And the Legend of the 3rd Floor); Birthday Licks; Sexorcism; Balance; and Time For Me to Fly.

NOTE: The cover of Sex Time And Radio Vol. 3 is styled after the Ohio Players 1974 album Fire.

PRESS CONTACT: Interview bookings with author Marcus Chapman can be made directly at For his Amazon bookstore, bio, radio library, You Tube clips, photos, Facebook & Twitter accounts, and more, go to or


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Doby Communications, Inc.

By Glenn Peoples, Nashville

Pandora and Spotify Face Different Issues In Getting Music Rights
Let’s revisit this statement in 10 or 20 years: Streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify are “not radio substitutes any more than your Walkman, CD collection or iPod ever was,” Lew Dickey, CEO, president and chairman of Cumulus Media, tells AdWeek. Instead, Dickey believes they are threats to CDs and downloads but not free local radio.

Dickey could be right. Only a time machine would help us know for sure. But I’m guessing people not in the traditional radio business would probably wager his statements prove to be wrong in a decade or two. Pandora is radio-like in many ways. It thinks like a radio company. It calls itself a radio company. And it is very open in its desire to displace traditional radio companies.

Actually, Dickey is probably half-right. The clues can be seen in the different ways copyright law treats webcasting like Pandora (the online parallel to radio) and on-demand services like Spotify (the online parallel to the CD collection or iPod). The Digital Performance Right Act of 1995 grants webcasters a compulsory license for the music they stream. That’s a lot like the way a radio station pays for its performances of music. In addition, limitations are placed on how webcasters stream songs. This makes webcasting similar to radio in its level of non-interactivity.

But the DRPA treats on-demand services differently because they have a greater potential to act as a substitute for purchases. So, unlike webcasters, on-demand services don’t get a compulsory license. Instead, they must negotiate with rights owners for use of their catalogs. As a result, it’s more costly to operate an on-demand service — because legislators believed there is a greater chance on-demand listening will cannibalize music purchases. Now, there is not yet evidence of cannibalization. But the law clearly shows people were expecting cannibalization back in 1995. ( AdWeek)

Read the full article at (January 17, 2012)

Licensing the Song

Industry Tips & Advice: How Music Licensing Works by Marshall Brain Pt 3 « GET IT DONE BLOG.

Licensing the Song

In the case of a “real song”, like something you would hear on a top-40 radio play-list, there are several different parties involved with the song:

  • The label owns the actual sound recording — the performance of the song as recorded in the label’s studio.
  • The publisher works on behalf of the song’s composer (the person who arranged the music) and songwriter (the person who wrote the lyrics). The composer and songwriter probably own the actual copyrights for the song, and the publisher represents them in all business dealings.

If you want to use a song for any reason, you have to somehow obtain rights at least from the publisher, and possibly from the label as well (if you are planning to use a specific performance). Here are just a few examples of when you need to obtain rights: (read more…)

Retrieved from Get It Done Blog: (Jan 09 2012), one of the world’s most popular Internet radio stations has selected MusicDish*China to help develop its brand in Greater China, including Taiwan and Singapore. A leader in internet radio for over six years, has received multiple awards & nominations, including four-time “Editor’s Pick” on Microsoft’s “Windows Media” channel.

“Having observed develop its brand over the years, we’re pleased to have the opportunity to extend its reach into one of the world’s largest music markets and growing urban scenes,” noted MusicDish*China founder Eric de Fontenay. “We firmly believe that urban music will have a significant place in China’s evolving music sector and plan to assist SwurvRadio play its role in that transformation.”

“This is a special moment not just for, it is also a salute to all the hard work our staff has put in over the years. To be able to cross over to an even bigger market that embraces American culture as it does, is a HUGE win for Hip Hop and we plan to bring the noise as only we can via MusicDish*China,” says SwurvRadio CEO “Osiris”.

MusicDish*China will build and manage SwurvRadio’s online and social media presence in China, through leading portals such as Sina weibo and music site Douban as well as in Taiwan (Indevox) and Hong Kong (Alivenotdead). MusicDish*China will also help build partnerships with promoters and communities as well as developing content specific to China’s urban music scene.

SwurvRadio’s Managing Partner, Jerry Doby says, “I have used MusicDish and its news release component for several years, with exceptional results. I have watched Eric and his company as they have grown and branded the various MusicDish entities and this company has my complete trust as we move forward into this new market.”

MusicDish*China has been developing a growing roster of bands in China, including Houston-based indie rock band PALE, Oslo’s 80s glam rock band SEKS and Paris-based electro-jazz group South Froggies. For more information on MusicDish*China SNS marketing at, a subsidiary of Swurv Media Group, LLC, has grown to create an online home for both independent and major-label artists seeking to increase listenership and viral exposure. is dedicated to becoming the number 1 Internet-radio destination for listeners of Hip-Hop, R&B Classic Hits and Top 40. Nominated for the 2011 A&R Award from the United DJ Alliance, a coalition of some of the most influential DJ organizations in the United States; Nominated for 2011 SEA Award in the top Internet/Satellite Radio category (3rd nomination). For more information on SwurvRadio –;;

Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, providing a unique insight into China’s emerging music industry. Focused on Greater China, MusicDish*China is building its brand as well as that of its artists and partners through partnerships with major stakeholders such as festivals, promoters and producers as well as its in-house social media marketing.

Contact Info:
Eric de Fontenay
Skype: MusicDish

DMC China DJ Champion DJ Mikey

Numinous Spitters Open For Meek Mill (via rescuemusicentertainment).

“Six years of hard work and excellence draws fans to SwurvRadio from more than 175 countries worldwide to make this company one of the biggest internet radio stations in the U.S. or abroad”.  


Las Vegas, NV – is celebrating its six-year anniversary with an all-new web presence and the addition of weekly celebrity show segments.  Added to the weekly show rotation are Rampage of Flipmode Squad with producer Felony Muzik and the Nappy Roots.  These weekly celebrity segments bring exclusive new music releases and interviews with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. With its new and improved web presence, offers a fresh look and easy to navigate format, including music reviews and a new editorial section featuring the latest news relative to music, entertainment and lifestyle. “Your new site looks fab!”says Microsoft’s Windows Media Radio Guide Team.

“Since the start of the station, I never imagined that we would have so many members and people from all over the world that have tuned in, supported, tweeted, liked and just shared with other people this concept I created. This was nothing more than a hobby six years ago that looking back today, was nothing I ever thought would grow to be such a staple in the Hip-Hop community”, says Osiris CEO of’s basic monthly statistics boast approximately 40,000 unique listeners in more than 175 countries, with an average of nearly 75,000 listening sessions at more than thirty-three minutes each.  This results in more than 40,000 listening hours each month from a worldwide audience, making one of the Internet’s biggest radio stations.

About Swurv Media Group, LLC

Over a six-year period,, a subsidiary of Swurv Media Group, LLC, has grown to create an online home for both independent and major-label artists seeking to increase listenership and viral exposure. is dedicated to becoming the number 1 Internet-radio destination for listeners of Hip-Hop, R&B Classic Hits and Top 40. Serving as the home for critically acclaimed DJ’s and legendary personalities, the SwurvRadio DJ’s convene to identify and support the music industry’s next mega-star.

Second home to many of broadcast radio’s major market DJs,, looks to continue its leadership role in the Internet market, in addition to its role as a tastemaker and fan advocate. has already received multiple award nominations in 2011 including, the 2011 A&R Award from the United DJ Alliance, a coalition of some of the most influential DJ organizations in the United States and the 2011 SEA Award in the top Internet/Satellite Radio category (3rd nomination). has been the leader in Internet radio for more than six years and has distinguished itself as the first and only station to have a “Clean” rotation from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as “Uncut” from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

SwurvRadio is a fully licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange Internet Radio Station. It is also a featured station on iTunes, Nokia, and a five-time “Editor’s Pick” on Microsoft’s Windows Media Internet radio channel.