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insta-promo-2The Grammy Award® winning multiplatinum pop duo A Great Big World, Ian Axel and Chad King, are set to play major markets across the East Coast and Midwest, beginning March 17 in Annapolis, MD at Ram’s Head On Stage through March 28 at Skyway Theatre – Studio B in Minneapolis, MN But before they head out on tour they took the time to sit down with MB Media for a brief audio Question And Answer interview.The Group speaks on everything from the success of their Grammy Award winning hit single “Say Something” the pressure that comes along with creating new work and big purchases they have made over the years.

A Great Big World 1Full Question List Below:

Question 1:
We see you guys are set to embark on a 10-date North American Tour. How does it feel to be the
headlining act?
Question 2:
Your ‘Say Something’ Music Video featuring Christina Aguilera as of this moment has 321,500,480 views on youtube. When you were creating the record did you ever dream it would have such a major impact?
Question 3:
Has winning a grammy made it easier for you to work with even bigger music Artist/Acts?
Question 4:
You have now released your sophomore album, ‘When The Morning Comes’ do you feel any pressure due to the success of your first Album ‘Is There Anybody Out There.’
Question 5:
Your new album includes a record by the name of ‘Hold Each Other’ featuring an artist named Futuristic, can we expect to hear more collaborations with Hip Hop Artists?
Question 6:
We often hear stories of artists spending large amounts of money on hobbies and gifts including cars, ?sh aquariums, houses etc. What is the most expensive items or items you have purchased.
Question 7:
Last but not least, what is one thing you would like your fans, our readers and anyone else to know about you?

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Jakk Jo (@Jakkjomusic) hails from the Boot, that’s Louisiana for you laypeople and New Orleans to be specific. Long a spawning place for industry changing music and personalities, this young man is on the path to add to this illustrious legacy. The music is top flight, his grind is real and most importantly, Jakk Jo understands that respect given can take you far in the entertainment industry and life. These are lessons he’s learned from his mother aka living hip hop legend Mia X, as well as his relationships with perhaps two of the biggest luminaries in the game today, Brian “Baby” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams. In our conversation, there was no mistaking his respect for the latter and the timbre of his voice when he spoke those names, held an emotional content that signaled something more than respect…I think its cool to call it love, in the sense of treasured uncles, mentors and supporters.

Source: » Live Session: Jakk Jo gives thanks for mom and Cash Money

Willie L. Stewart, RN

The Bookie Monster Interviews Willie Stewart, author of taRNished.

Willie L. Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse, author, novelist, entrepreneur, member of the Tampa Writers Alliance, and the Florida Writers Association. His debut novel taRNished promises to entertain while shaking the very foundation of healthcare and the public’s confidence in that system in order to spur on debate for proper reforms. With over 13 years in various critical care settings he brings a level of expertise to the relevant topics in today’s media that are highlighted in the debut novel taRNished. With 2014 quickly heralding in the full implementation of the divisive OBAMACARE healthcare plan, Stewart notes that over ten million more people will be shoved into an already overburdened healthcare system. In addition Stewart notes that the pathway to citizenship initiatives will add millions more undocumented workers to this system and these increasing numbers along with other factors will allow pathological individuals to thrive in the environment created. Willie has taken a unique approach to marketing and promoting his debut novel. He has given his lead character, Dale RN a registered nurse serial killer, a significant online presence. A marketer/publicist has lauded Stewart for these efforts and says he is breaking ground. Dale RN has his own blog, is on facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, google plus, and more. Through Stewart’s herculean efforts Dale communicates and interacts with the public on a regular basis.

In addition to Willie Stewart’s efforts on his debut novel, Willie Stewart has published online articles, written various successful worldwide press releases, runs an independent record label (2MCH4YA) and publishing company and is a manager for indie recording artists. He has been an executive producer of an award winning online talk show that won the award against the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, and Michael Baisden. The show was the only indie talk show in consideration against the heavyweights. Stewart has been the President/Production coordinator of a music foundation before stepping down. With all of his irons in the fire, Willie Stewart manages to find time to romance and fall in love all over again after 23 years of marriage to the lovely Shannon Stewart who is also a Registered Nurse of similar experience and an aspiring writer. With three healthy adult children and two grandchildren, Stewart only needs to look inward for motivation.

If you were to create a writing soundtrack, what artists would be on it?

Funny you should ask this. I am the first person in history to have a rap video for a book. I would have Will Smith on the rap and my daughter, who is a phenomenal song writer and singer, singing the hook. I would probably get Joe Blankenburg on the soundtrack because of his outstanding work on Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the X-Men. The only ballad singer I would have would be my daughters Ariana and Briana Stewart. Both different styles but amazing singers. I wouldn’t want too many big name stars because then it would be about them and not the emotion evoked by the soundtrack.

via Interview: Willie Stewart | The Bookie Monster.

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Check Out The BDelaney #WelcomeHome Edition Interview With HipHopOnDeck. We Talked With B.Delaney About His New Film “Welcome Home” Coming To The AMC Theaters In Woodbridge Virginia His New Music & More. 


 #WelcomeHome In Theaters 2.27.2014 

J Hood Don Status Vlog {Talks Ending Lox Feud} Directed By Foggylungz . J Hood Gets Into Detail About Certain Topcs & Ending Lox Feud. 


Check out this exclusive sit down interview with Oun P As he talk’s music with Microphonebully’s own Big Brother Biz. Oun talk’s about new up and coming project “Facts 2” , What’s Hot In Fashion and How important Radio play and investing in your career really is. ( Original Content )

Footage Edited and Provided by Big Brother Biz

The Hype Magazine Interviews Openmic | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News

Who is Openmic and where are you from?

I’m a Rapper and Southern Creative from Nashville, TN.

How did you discover your musical talent?

It’s a classic hip hop story from a not so hip hop background. My father is a Jazz musician by profession so I grew up around music and live concerts from birth. I started rapping when I was 13. I heard some older kids free styling on the back of the bus and I just decided to jump in one day. Turned out to be better than the older kids and kind of found an identity in that gift. From there I started writing and recording in makeshift studios and eventually progressed to this point.

You bring that underground lyrical feel, laced with some tracks worthy of Issac Hayes or Curtis Mayfield…at 23, where do you pull that kind of flavor?

Tennessee is a huge influence. The soul of black music in the south resonates with me. We really didn’t listen to hip hop in the house growing up so I used to freestyle over jazz songs or gospel drum break down. Anything with a beat became a canvas to paint on.

Who has been your greatest inspiration musically and why?

My greatest inspiration isn’t an artist. It really isn’t a person at all. My greatest inspiration has been the honesty of self-expression. The ability to hold a mirror up and see who you really are. Then to take it even further, once you become one with that image, others will see themselves in that same mirror. That’s the greatest inspiration for me.

What do you feel you offer the music industry that we don’t already have in other performers?

I offer my view, my perspective and navigation through my own personal journey in life. People connect to me from all different walks of life. My confidence is magnetic and my style is impetuous. I’m the most ferocious, vicious….sorry, I think I’m Mike Tyson.

Have you encountered any problems in getting to this point in your career?

Word? Have I encountered any problems? How much time do y’all got? (Haha) Allow me to explain; if I added up all the difficulties and obstacles you have to overcome in this industry I would depress myself. From experimenting with different music styles that turned out to not be great, to trying to create a huge internet presence and even trying to figure out if you wasted 4 or 5 years of your life in college. To me, the problems don’t really matter. The good news is, I have never encountered a problem I felt we couldn’t conquer.

via The Hype Magazine Interviews Openmic | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News.

Haji Springer gives a sneak peak into his latest album – EDM – or Electronic Desi Mafia.


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On a recent tour stop in Philly Stalley kills a show at the legendary @TheBlockley plus talks his love affair with Philly with @LiveWithMelSo



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