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MB Media / Presents “Driving the Bus” Vol.1 Hosted By Big Brother Biz. This project is for promotional use only and features various Artist. For more info contact

driving the bus TRACKLIST



Love and Hip Hop beauty Jhonni Blaze drops a joint that says hey I’m not just a pretty face. To be fair, I’ve never really followed her music seriously and so this particular joint is a refreshing taste of music for me…she and Fetty Wap blend quite well on this joint! Enjoy…and stay tuned for her upcoming mixtape hosted by DJ Drama.

BadInTheGame studio performance off his up coming mixtape MayWeather which is coming soon….. Download BadInTheGame lastest Mixtape {Tyson} 4 FREE!!!! @ #wesosolid #thatdirtydiana


bangaThere is a distinct contrast between the rhymes & metaphors spoken by rappers, and the appeal of the lifestyle & compelling journeys of overcoming and excelling as an Urban Street Star. Anyone can rhyme but seldom possess the appeal of relativity.

Hustle Team Banga bolsters that trait and has the resume to prove it. Born & raised on the streets of Dade County Miami Florida, Banga represents the trials and achievements of life as a hustler and survivor in the game.

Banga’s life story mirrors that of an urban blockbuster script. In Banga’s own words…Shit was crazy growin up. My Pops was a Hitter, and my Ol’ Girl was in the dope game. By the time I was 4 both of them was in prison. First of all both of them was under 17 when I was born so you already know how sh*t was. My grandma tried her best to hold me down but it was only so much she can do.

By the time I turned 10 yrs old I was a superstar in the Pop Warner Youth Football League but at the same time, I was already smoking weed, learning how to shoot dice and bag up dope. At 15 I got kicked out of school for good. At that time I was knee deep in the streets. Every crackhead/ drunk and street n*gga down south knew exactly who I was and what I was capable of so they treated me accordingly. At 17 I was basically a 25 year old man. I had a spot right outside the Pork & Beans projects and another on the south side of Miami where I’m originally from.

By the time I was 19, I couldn’t even do regular 19 yr old sh*t because of the name I made in the streets. I was feeling like Miami was to small for me so I was trying to find my way out fast. Date set and I’m ready to leave Miami for Atlanta but right then 4 n*ggas tried to rob me but I started swinging so we fought it out. I caught them a lil later at the store. I got my guns, jumped out and emptied both clips. It was 3pm and the police were already close by. They heard the gunshots and automatically start coming. Long story short I got caught without the guns so I was released. That same day I moved to the A to get into something positive. So, I start rapping to tell my story. 

As captivating as this saga was, it was only the beginning. Banga moved to Atlanta & spear headed the mass movement we all know as Hustle Team. He collaborated w/ Hustle Team Jay and dropped several street anthems that garnered the unwavering attention of the streets and the industry.

Banga became intimate with Twerk Team Originator “Betty Butt” and the duo proceeded to climb the ranks of Atlanta’s top tier entertainers; So much so that Banga soon partnered w/ 24/7 & Konvict Musik.

Banga excelled through tragedy & obstacles but none greater than the loss of his life partner “Betty Butt” during a botched robbery attempt in the Fall of 2014. This episode has only fueled the fire of greatness.

Banga has projects w/ major producers like Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, KE, M16,  Mike Will Made It, 808 Mafia, & etc. Now its impossible to say Atlanta Hip-Hop without mentioning Hustle Team.

Banga has been featured on several major outlets like WorldstarHipHop, Livemixtapes, etc. Banga has an uptempo style which compliments his charismatic delivery and unfiltered verbiage. These factors have firmly asserted the discussion of Banga as a front runner in this urban culture phenomenon and its transition into mainstream commercial entertainment.

Chox-Mak is one of the most talked about up and coming recording artists out of Jacksonville, NC. He has dropped plenty of projects with his DJ and manager DJ YRS Jerzy. It seems like these two just can’t lose their impeccable work ethic has proven to plenty of people in the industry that they are ready for the game. The mp3 to this track was dropped a couple of months ago everyone knows this 90’s hip hop classic “Flava In Ya Ear” which was originally brought to everyone in the 1990’s era of hip hop by Craig Mack. Chox-Mak’s “Flava In Ya Ear” freestyle is a track off of his debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” which will be a 90’s hip hop inspired mixtape. There will be nothing but old school hip hop instrumentals and rhymes brought to you by Chox-Mak this project will be hosted by DJ YRS Jerzy.


JP Coming Of Age

We often come across artists that like to exaggerate about a life they don’t lead. This project from JP, ” Coming Of Age”, is a true account of his REAL life over the last two years. JP is from Sydney Australia and collaborates with artists in the US which does make him stand out on the tracks. Everybody has to start somewhere and the artist released his first mixtape, “The Preface ” in October of 2011. J.P. has just released “Coming of Age” to show his growth with this sophomore mixtape effort.The mixtape starts off strong as J.P. breaks down how it all got started on the track “Let It All Go”. J.P. raps from the heart with an unfaltering flow over a boom bap heartbeat. The song is an excellent introduction to J.P’s world and his musical growth.

I’m not a big fan of interludes but the introduction to “Dreams” which was a collection of audio clips that question why we dream, and what it could all mean. This track went between the reality of where he is in his music career already and where he hopes and dreams to be. However it did follow along the cliches of what many would do. This one wasn’t a favorite.”In The Stars” was an uptempo piano driven instrumental. I really wasn’t fond of the lyrics, he stumbles a little bit with the flow but he does recover quickly. I do love the hook here, however it does get a little boring and monotonous when it comes to the verses.

“Remember It” transforms the screechy synthesized track into a confessional as he laces this gem with his true testimony. You can feel the genuine emotion and power in his voice here.

JP stands out on his track, “You Were There” it was an open letter. Shows a lot of maturity in a way that is honest and true without sounding “weak”. “Waving In The Stands” sounded painful, not to the ear but to the heart as he tells a story of heartbreak,survival, and triumph.
Favorite Track: “Let it All Go”
Least Favorite Track: “Club Life”
Scale Of 1 TO 5 (5 being the highest)
Flow: 4 needs to be polished just a little more, the versatility of his flow is what sets him apart from other artists.

Concepts: 4 I dug the different parts of his life that he addressed.

Lyrics: 4 While some of the lyrics indeed make sense, there were some
that were confusing and didn’t seem believable.

Theme: 4 Loved the Theme of growing up, going through life’s changes,
and maturity.

Instrumental Choice: 4.5 He picked music that fit his style maybe one
or two missteps but the rest is on point.

Rated: 4.1

This mixtape was a great way to start my day, I believe it has the
power to motivate others and to give JP the respect that he deserves.

About The Artist:
J.P. is an aspiring hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia. He released his first mixtape ‘The Preface’ in October 2011 which he describes as ‘an immature project just to kind of showcase that I could rap but many of the songs had no depth or true meaning to my life but lots of my friends still respected it’. J.P. then decided to constantly write and record songs for his just released sophomore mixtape ‘Coming Of Age’. Atleast 50 songs were written from mid-2011-early 2013 inspired by life experiences and increased knowledge of the music industry. J.P. then cut it down to 17 songs he feels best shaped his life in sequence through this time period and believes this mixtape sounds like an album. His music influences include T.I., Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-z, J.Cole and Lupe Fiasco. He is currently working on a joint mixtape with a hip hop artist from Far Rock, New York with plans to release in the near future. This project will be called ‘INTERNATIONAL CONNECT’.

INSTRAGRAM -theboyjp

There is an expression that art is timeless. In this case, that statement is 100% true. Sap Sci-Phi’s own EndaStory has been working on this mixtape piece by piece (while simultaneously preparing his 1st album) since the year 2008. In the midst of all this, time has gone by and it’s only right that the people have something to hold them over until that studio album is completed. This isn’t a body of new material, rather a collection of work that has been compiled to give you a true experience of expression. Story’s debut project entitled “Don’t Be A Menace” was carefully named. Beyond the obvious connection to the movie, these songs offer pure irony in reference to the mixtape’s title. There is no subtly, no obedience, and no rules in the music that follows. Just pure art. Ladies and Gentleman, the future of hip hop EndaStory and the entire SPaceMuzik & Miscellaney camp present to you “Don’t Be A Menace II”. Enjoy #HHOD247

Download: Don’t Be A Menace II


Music Money Mixtapes by DJ Bankrupt

DJ Bankrupt, the Canadian Connection

DJ Bankrupt goes to his followers vaults to pull out some new summer heat from the streets. More production, less stunting on the tracks. The newest banger for this summer! Another Coast2Coast mixtape, sponsored by Music Money Mixtapes #MMMRADIO. features Canada‘s only mixtape radio show and DJ Bankrupt has been the Canadian Connection for many artists around the world.  Catering to only indie artists, Bankrupt and his Music Money Mixtapes show and Mixtape series, is one of the most legitimate radio networks to support up and coming artists that I know of.

Bankrupt Business 13 features some of the top indie artists from around the globe, pulled right from the Music Money Mixtapes vault…this represents the cream of the crop from his show!  if you are a supporter of indie artists, the Bankrupt Business mixtape series will give you all you can handle!  Enjoy!

MicrophoneBully presents Do Work Daily Vol. 2

Do Work Daily Vol. 2 Hosted by Big Brother Biz Presents “Do Work Daily” Volume 2 Hosted By Big Big Brother Biz, Featuring New Music From:
Big Krit, Tyga, Jay-z, Wiz Khalifa, King Los, Black Blago Papoose, Bob, Gucci Mane, Uncle Murda, 2 Chainz, Cheen,
Norflok Little, Cor, Sap Sci Phi, Damn Yates, King Piff, Eklass
(To Get Your Music Featured On The Next “Do Work Daily” Mixtape Contact ( )

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MicrophoneBully "Do Work Daily"

MicrophoneBully presents: “Do Work Daily” Volume 1 by Big Brother Biz

Big Brother Biz of presents “Do Work Daily” Volume 1, a new mixtape series by one of the hottest personalities on the New York music scene.  The first offering of this series pulls together music from today’s top talents in urban music and whether you like everyone or not..SOMETHING will surely fit you.  Great selection, great mix and an overall great project.

Overall rating 4/5 Stars…because nobody’s perfect!

My top picks on this 24 track projects are:

Track 14 –  Porch to the Public – Ali Vegas ft. The Rezza Brothers — some righteous Hip Hop lyrics on this one

Track 7 – Trinidad James – Females Welcomed — this Dubstep laced joint actually brings my respect level for this artist’s abilities up quite a few notches

Track 2 – – The One Eye Kitten – Wale ft. Travis Porter — DMV standout and MMG artist Wale holds the high standard he has set thus far and Travis Porter is well…Travis Porter, solid, interesting, very cool.