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Hot new joint from singer/songwriter/rapper Daja Marie entitled ‘Raindrops’ that’s on path to burn up the airwaves as she puts on the full court press for her upcoming “Go Hard or Go Home” tour beginning January 26 in NYC.

Daja Marie Raindrops cover


Music: Joe Smith ‘Cynicism’ @ArtistJoeSmith

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New Music: Joe Smith ‘Cynicism’ – Words from “My inspiration behind Cynicism was a result of my journey, up to this point in my life, both as an artist and a business man. I unconsciously  put my trust in many individuals with regards to my career, my best interest, and the support of my grind. I was always taught that real situations reveal true colors. Alot of people I thought had my best interest at heart had other secret motives and aspirations.  These situations showed me that I am the master of my own fate and taught me to trust in my lyricism and sound.”

insta-promo-2The Grammy Award® winning multiplatinum pop duo A Great Big World, Ian Axel and Chad King, are set to play major markets across the East Coast and Midwest, beginning March 17 in Annapolis, MD at Ram’s Head On Stage through March 28 at Skyway Theatre – Studio B in Minneapolis, MN But before they head out on tour they took the time to sit down with MB Media for a brief audio Question And Answer interview.The Group speaks on everything from the success of their Grammy Award winning hit single “Say Something” the pressure that comes along with creating new work and big purchases they have made over the years.

A Great Big World 1Full Question List Below:

Question 1:
We see you guys are set to embark on a 10-date North American Tour. How does it feel to be the
headlining act?
Question 2:
Your ‘Say Something’ Music Video featuring Christina Aguilera as of this moment has 321,500,480 views on youtube. When you were creating the record did you ever dream it would have such a major impact?
Question 3:
Has winning a grammy made it easier for you to work with even bigger music Artist/Acts?
Question 4:
You have now released your sophomore album, ‘When The Morning Comes’ do you feel any pressure due to the success of your first Album ‘Is There Anybody Out There.’
Question 5:
Your new album includes a record by the name of ‘Hold Each Other’ featuring an artist named Futuristic, can we expect to hear more collaborations with Hip Hop Artists?
Question 6:
We often hear stories of artists spending large amounts of money on hobbies and gifts including cars, ?sh aquariums, houses etc. What is the most expensive items or items you have purchased.
Question 7:
Last but not least, what is one thing you would like your fans, our readers and anyone else to know about you?

A Great Big World 2A Great Big World 3A Great Big World 5

Lady Merk "Jump Around" Freestyle /

Philadelphia Female Rapper Lady Merk spits a choppy/fast flow to this 1992 (House Of Pain) classic “Jump Around”. With a new mix to the track done by Ceaz of Raseac Studio…. Enjoy! And be on the lookout for Merk’s new “Such A Lady” project dropping on Labor Day!

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DJ Aqueous ft. Waka Flocka - "Kill For Fun" /

DJ Aqueous is a Philadelphia born mix & remix powerhouse with a full arsenal of DJ skills blended with production. His pulsating beats, hypnotic mixes, and all around tantalizing show will leave you drained in a good way. Kill for Fun ft. Waka Flocka Flame is his most recent ‘Bassment’ Production. Using influences across different genres and metallic vocal effects, the futuristic record is the perfect stage for the hard lyrics and high energy that Waka Flocka consistently delivers.

About DJ Aqueous

DJ Aqueous had Performances at the House of Blues Disney (Orlando), Opening for Basshunters first worldwide Live HD stream, and Tammany Hall (New York) has matriculated Aqueous from advanced DJ status into a unique and memorable Electronic act. He has been regarded as a purist and nicknamed “Hollywood AQ” for his surprise Vampire King cameo at the Official HBO True Blood Series Finale Wrap Party in Hollywood after covering the theme song to the show. Best known for his remix of HBO’s True Blood Theme “Bad Things”, DJ AQ has since branched out to multiple platiforms of art including designing his own Vape Juice flavor.

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Gillie Da Kid Releases Keeps It Real and Gets Dirty In New Record Titled Stop It.

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Grammy 101 Logo (used with permission)

Grammy 101 Logo (used with permission)

The Grammy Award process is a mystery to those outside the voting level of the organization however, ith the 58th Grammy’s looming before us, the Recording Academy wanted to give the general public a bit of insight on the process…check the video!

New song from Dallas rapper Ricochet “Movin”, produced by B Payne Beats.

source: Team Hans

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Kid Cut has the energy and creativity that is needed to make your mark in a world that seems to embrace followers. Although Cut’s energy and cadence is reminiscent of Kanye West’s, the sound is much more upbeat and less angry child. “Roses” is a goodbye to wack ass rappers, and although it could be looked at as your average all you other rappers are lame type of anthems, this track doesn’t come across as corny to me. The beat knocks, and my favorite line out has to be I put the Pharaoh, in Ferocious…, it’s lines like that, that make me love hip hop. “100 Acres” is different, but in a good way, but I love the imagery, “But I need a hundred acres, with like a hundred waiters, all of my team is just dressed up in gold man we look like a hundred Lakers”, that paired beside the king type vibe I get throughout the whole project, and I love where it is going. “3 Shots” is the song for women that can appreciate a very direct approach, I think the ladies Sweat CEO and Redd Velvet, both held their own on this track with a very direct reaction. I love their aggressiveness and the way they complemented Kid Cut on this track. “Friendzone” was my favorite track well, because who can’t relate to being put in the friend zone no matter how hard we try? Kid Cut and Mr. Carmack both share stories from the dark underworld that we all know as the Friend Zone, and I felt that the beat on this one fit both of their styles. Overall I think we might end up seeing Kid Cut make the cover of XXL as a freshman. This project was pretty well rounded, and from the song selection down to the content in the songs, you can tell that Kid Cut is a genuine artist. Many people rap about things that they really know nothing about, but I don’t get that vibe here and I think that says a lot. I rate this project, an A, and not an A+, and my only reason behind that is, because sonically the mix of the music took away from the tracks a little but quality of the music still shined through.

About the Artist:Miles Mansel (born November 2, 1993) better known by his stage name Kid Cut is an American songwriter and rapper. Cut was raised in western Chicago, Illinois, and distracted himself from the troubles of life with music. Beautiful Nightmare is Cut’s first official mixtape and looks at his life in depth in his own creative way. For booking & feature inquires, contact


We got a new record for the world, and it’s Big!!! Check out the latest music release from Bailo Beatz “Where It Hurts” Featuring the up and coming Nicole Medoro.