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DJs from around the world are making an impact and inspiring great music across the board…this new DJ from Belgrade follows in the footsteps of some of the Serbian Greats!


One of the aims of ExploringBelgrade blog is to support and present young enthusiastic new talents. For now  They are not that much popular, but have potential for becoming a real artist in further future. In time and place or should I better say state where We live there is too much young people wasting time, not doing anything useful. Here it’s common to hate and denigrate other people’s work, so I decided to take the other side and support some quality things and artists. Couple of mounts ago I wrote one column about talented DJ/Producer  Lea Dobricic. Since then Her career is becoming more succesful and She is spinning in clubs and bars all over the state. We are happy for Her of course.

This time I will present somebody else. His name is Aleksandar Dimitrijevic aka Alexandar LIo. He was born in 1991. Works as DJ/Producer/Remixer. He finished…

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