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jlo_same girlJLo’s collab with French Montana for “Same Girl” is the perfect combination, the vocals are flawless and the production has that HUGE sound we know for JLo music. Enjoyed this piece, Montana shows exactly why he’s the right material to rep Hip Hop as a true Emcee. What do you think?

Jennifer Lopez “Same Girl” feat. French Montana
Title: Same Girl
Producer(s): Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson
Time: 4:06
Label: 2101/Capitol Records
Album: New Album “A.K.A.”Available In Stores Now!!!!
Available Versions:
Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana – Same Girl (Clean)

Lil Boosie's brother the good life from his brother's money?

Lil Boosie‘s brother TQ…living the good life from his brother’s money?

Trust is a concept that is significant in all aspects of most people’s lives. From time to time we may find that in the music industry, more notably, in the hip-hop community, trust becomes a foreign language. Then there are times when a lack of trust becomes sad and down right criminal.

This is a true story which on many fronts will be an embarrassment to those of us who love, value and support the brand of hip-hop and the artists which provide its lifeline. To periodically be given ten dollars and then, routinely, take the eleventh without permission; that is theft. You are, by behavior and definition, a thief. We are sad to report that our investigation has lead us onto the trail of one of our beloved rap sons being blindly robbed by none other than his very own brother. This is the story of “The Theft of the Wealth of Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch.”

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Interview: @E40 Talk’s with @DjSteelTv and @BossLadyTv |

On the eve of the release of The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Volumes 4,5,6, E-40 speaks with Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia and

DJ Steel on Hip Hop Nation about working with 2Pac and his favorite memories of the late rapper.


Multi-Grammy Award winning producer Jimi Kendrix presents the “Bring Tha Heat” contest with more than $20,000 in prizes. Specifically for UNSIGNED ARTISTS, over the age of 16, Bring Tha Heat offers the opportunity for independent artists to collaborate with established producers & artists. The contest runs from November 11th to November 25th. Winners are announced December 4th.

Jimi Kendrix has produced for: Jay Z, 50 Cent, Tupac, Ashanti, Shyne, JaRule, R Kelly, Pattie Labelle, Kelly Price, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Swizz Beatz, WuTang, Bone thugs Harmony and more.

“Bring Tha Heat” prize packages includes:

Studio session with Jimi Hendrix at Crosby Collective in NYC.

Platinum singer & songwriter, Nappy Boy’s own Jay Lyriq will write and perform the hook for the winner.

Cover Artwork

Radio & Magazine Interviews

A&R Review

Marketing & Promotion

Studio Session Video

There will also be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

There is a $50 entry fee for this contest.

For more information on this  contest, visit


John Tanner

John Tanner is one of those rare artists these days…he has lyrics and knows how to deliver them. Deadly delivery on the joint “Therapy” gives one a taste of just how serious Tanner is coming when he drops his project “Good Morning Mr. Tanner” this April.

“Therapy” produced by J Gramm (Kanye West, Rick Ross, Mike Posner, etc.) is embedded in one of those sinister tracks that plays well with his challenging lyrics for this joint. Sounding like a full fledged challenge to the “wannabe men” of the world, Tanner lets it be known he’s about to lose his mind from the wackness we are seeing everyday in the name of manhood.

Anybody who knew John Tanner ten years ago would tell you that he was the most passionate kid they had ever met. Much like the legendary Ray Charles, thirteen-year-old John Tanner lived and breathed music. Instead of doing normal teenage stuff with his friends, John Tanner spent all his free time writing music.

John Tanner – Surprise, Surprise

“That’s all I ever wanted to do,” John Tanner reminisced. “My friends would wanna hang out or ask me to ball with them, and I’d always say, ‘Nah, I’m going to the studio.’ Music was my life.( laughs) , it still is.”

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Hip Hop Weekly interview of Freeway Rick Ross

‘Freeway’ Rick Ross photo by Tyrone Richardson

Ricky Donnell Ross is most known for his creation of a drug empire in South Central Los Angeles during the 1980s. His name still rings loudly worldwide, but now it comes from being connected to several of the biggest names in hip hop, Maybach Music Group‘s CEO Rick Ross aka Rick Rozay and Dr. Dre.

“Freeway” Ricky Ross is now utilizing his business acumen for such legitimate businesses as a record label and trucking company; His focus is giving back to the community that in the past, he helped destroy.

In next week’s issue of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Ross sits down for an exclusive interview in which he discusses his rap doppelganger (rapper Rick Ross) and offers insight into why he chose Nick Cannon to bring his life story to the big screen.

Rick Ross on his feelings toward rapper Rick Ross using his name

“Well, it’s really a double feeling. There’s a feeling of admiration for someone to think enough of you to adopt your name and tattoo your name on their body, but you get a sense of disrespect that the guy didn’t have enough decency and courtesy to say, “Can I use your name?” (

Ross’ thoughts on Dr. Dre dropping his nephew, Slim the Mobster from Aftermath after his beef with 50 Cent

“I thought that Dre took the wrong stance with Slim. I felt that Slim was backing up Dre in his mind when he went at 50 Cent. But every man makes his own decisions, and sometimes you make decisions, and you have to live with them. (

As part of his notability or notoriety, depending on your take, there is a huge interest in the personal story of “Freeway” Rick Ross and to that end, a feature film is in the works bringing to play another urban entertainment industry stand out. Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey‘s husband), has been slated to play Ross in the film, which has no release date announced at this time.

Ricky Ross on why he chose Nick Cannon to play him in film

“Let’s look at it as if you were gonna pick a basketball player; you want an all around player. One that can handle the ball, a shooter, one that gets his teammates involved in the game, and Nick is that guy…” (

While we may not be fans of this Ross’ previous life, the compelling story of how someone like him develops and becomes a persona revered by hip hop heavyweights, is something to look forward to.

Turning one’s life around and becoming a constructive, contributing member of society, is a victory not just for the individual but the world community as a whole.

What say you?!

Read the full exclusive story in next week’s Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.