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The 5th Annual 2017 Global Spin Awards (GSA) was nothing short of amazing. It was created by Director Shawn Prez to highlight and celebrate the industry’s pioneer DJs for all their hard work, and dedication to their craft. More importantly, this awards ceremony is dedicated to drawing attention to what DJs and their line of work does for the culture.”It feels great to honor people that don’t normally get recognized or honored, so to put on an event that recognizes DJs exclusively, it feels good,” said Prez.

Many people do not realize that the role of a DJ has become very dynamic. DJs are making records, creating albums, opening businesses, helping people’s careers, but most importantly, they bring all the fun and entertainment. Hot 97’s DJ Camilo said, “I like the hustle of being a DJ, its a 24 hour job.” Camilo adds, “From radio, to night clubs, and apps there so much we do, but my favorite part of what we do is entertaining the people.”

Source: The 2017 Global Spin Awards Honors Hip-Hop’s Top DJs – TheHypeMagazine

Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, CEO and Publisher of “The Hype Magazine”, continues to make a name for herself as one of the leading women in the entertainment industry. The Indiana Native was most recently honored at “The Trailblazer Awards” December 4, 2016, at the Madame Walker Theatre.

Though she is the CEO of her own company, Jameelah prefers to be very “hands-on”, when it comes to the tasks necessary to keep the magazine running smoothly. She showcases her many talents on the back end of the magazine including web designing, consulting, and graphic designing.

She launched the magazine in 2002, at the young age of 24. Not only was she considered “young” to start a company, but it was apparent that she was one of the few women trying to accelerate her career in the midst of a predominately male-run industry. Though it wasn’t always easy, and she wasn’t always taken seriously because of her gender, this never stopped her form excelling in her field.

Why “The Hype”? What does the name stand for?

Jameelah: It stands for How You Perceive Everything. It basically was originated to be more of a literary magazine at first, but then it kinda turned into more of a hip-hop magazine over the years.

Source: Interview with Jameelah Wilkerson, Publisher and CEO of The Hype Magazine – TheHypeMagazine

Eleven-time Grammy nominee Charlie Wilson (@imcharliewilson) blazed into 2017 with a hot new single “I’m Blessed” Ft. T.I. from his upcoming album release, “I’m In It To Win It” currently scorching the airwaves. His album drops February 17th led by the “In It To Win It” arena tour which kicked off February 8th, not to mention he celebrated a birthday at the end of January, one could say this is 2017s GRAND OPENING!!!Last year’s Forever Charlie Tour sold out 97% of the arenas who booked this master the groove. Yeah, you have to call it a groove because the flow of his music is such that you just feel cool and ready to make some great memories.It’s party time.

Source: Live Session: Charlie Wilson ‘A grown man with a lot of play left’ – TheHypeMagazine

Jakk Jo (@Jakkjomusic) hails from the Boot, that’s Louisiana for you laypeople and New Orleans to be specific. Long a spawning place for industry changing music and personalities, this young man is on the path to add to this illustrious legacy. The music is top flight, his grind is real and most importantly, Jakk Jo understands that respect given can take you far in the entertainment industry and life. These are lessons he’s learned from his mother aka living hip hop legend Mia X, as well as his relationships with perhaps two of the biggest luminaries in the game today, Brian “Baby” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams. In our conversation, there was no mistaking his respect for the latter and the timbre of his voice when he spoke those names, held an emotional content that signaled something more than respect…I think its cool to call it love, in the sense of treasured uncles, mentors and supporters.

Source: » Live Session: Jakk Jo gives thanks for mom and Cash Money

News from Hip-hop to Hollywood, The Hype Magazine becomes Media Partners with the World Youth Organization.

Source: The Hype Magazine become Media Partners – World Youth Organization

The Hype Magazine is proud to announce that our Publisher and CEO Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson will be honored at “The Trailblazer Awards” December 4, 2016, at the historic Madame Walker Theatre. Everything Underground’ s annual corporate Award show is being held this year in Indianapolis, IN.

For it’s inaugural event in 2015, the initial class of honorees included many distinguished people. Among those honored were Dr. Bobby Jones, Dr. Sybril Bennett, John Heidelberg, Nella Pearl Frierson, Hazel Joyner Smith, Connie Denell, Sharon Kay, Rosetta Miller Perry, Young Buck, Charles Howe, Jesse Johnson, Janiro Hawkins and Ron Wynn. A sign of how well the inaugural event went and the respect it already has earned was the fact almost all the honorees attended in person to receive their awards including Dr. Jones.

Source: » The Hype Magazine Publisher and CEO Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson receives ‘Trailblazing’ honors

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The Hype Magazine, the world’s #1 digital magazine, has dedicated $1,000,000 in advertising and promotional support through its network to Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom.

The collaboration came to be during what began as a “Live Session” interview between The Hype Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jerry Doby and Innocence Project founding board member Jason Flom (CEO of Lava Records). The two were discussing his new podcast series “Wrongful Conviction” with the famed reVolver Podcasts. reVolver is a leader in on-demand audio geared towards multicultural consumers. During the conversation, Doby, who also pens the magazine’s “Dark America” column, focusing on #LegalFluckery, pledged the support of The Hype Magazine Network to aid in disseminating news on this fantastic program and its successes.

The Hype Magazine has earmarked ad inventory via its online, digital, print and social media campaigns to support the project. Earning nearly nine million headline impressions monthly via its web portal and more than two million impressions monthly on Twitter alone along with its 250,000 print circulation adds a powerful viral network into the mix.

Jason has partnered with reVolver Podcasts and is launching Season 1 of his show “Wrongful Conviction” which airs on International Wrongful Conviction Day, October 4th, 2016. Check the “Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom” Official Facebook page for ways to participate.

The Hype Magazine (Hype), the worlds #1 digital magazine and award winning print publication announced today Nov 25, 2015 that it has inked an original content agreement with emerging television giant

Source: The Hype Magazine inks broadcast agreement with Real Hip Hop Network |

Red Bull BC One is THE B-Boy competition hands down…I love the way the brand digs in to the culture and delivers an impactful statement on the global dominance of Hip-Hop culture. It’s …

Source: The Hype Magazine will join live stream of Red Bull BC One finals in Rome #bcone

The Hype Magazine returns to Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge in Atlanta for 2nd year

The Hype Magazine returns to Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge in Atlanta for 2nd year

The Hype Magazine’s Second Annual “Meet & Greet Red Carpet Experience Tour” Makes Its Way Back to Atlanta

The Hype Magazine, announced their second annual Atlanta, GA Meet and Greet Red Carpet Experience Tour stop, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge.

Atlanta’s Meet and Greet Red Carpet Experience is a vital part of The Hype Magazine’s tour series, which ignites each city for one special night of networking, fashion and entertainment. A part of The Hype Magazine’s national “Meet and Greet Red Carpet Experience Tour”, this 2nd annual Atlanta celebration follows capacity events in Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and Memphis. Co-mingling, exclusive performances and red carpet appearances from the “Who’s Who” of each tour stop city, The Hype Magazine “Meet and Greet Red Carpet Experience Tour” brings a unique opportunity to support the entertainment landscape nation wide!

The first round of confirmed attendees for this red carpet event include: Host – Diamond (Sisterhood of Hip Hop), Co-Host – Mr Marc D, #OfficialHype Award Recipient – DC Young Fly, #Who’s Who Award Recipient – Sam Hoody (Mixtape Kitchen), Lil Scrappy (Love & Hip Hop ATL), Shanae Thomas (Bad Girls Club & The Walking Dead ), Bambi (Love & Hip Hop ATL), Parlae (Dem Franchise Boyz), Baby D, Lil Mook, Michael “Hot Mike” Buckholtz (‘Diamond’ Multi-Platinum Producer & Songwriter), Willie Myers (A & R – Defiant/No Genre/Grand Hustle), Emmaline (Artist – Defiant/No Genre/Grand Hustle), Mario Fannin (NFL – Former Denver Bronco; Free Agent), Dan Hunt (Program Director – Power 96.1 FM Atlanta), Maddox (Assistant Program Director/Music Director & On-Air Personality at Power 96.1), Chris Larceny (“The Lick” Movie Director), Mama Ca$h, Mil Tickit, Tocarra Hamilton, Producer James Worthy, New Atlanta R & B crooner Travis Daniel and of course #TeamHype (The Hype Magazine’s CEO Jameelah Wilkerson, Sales Manager Angela Nash, Fashion Editor Daja Marie, Director of Music Keith McNeil, Executive Editor Toya Tharp and Media Correspondent Diamond Kesawn)!

Key highlights from the night will include a tribute to the Atlanta entertainment industry, The Hype Magazine #Who’sWho Award will be presented to Sam Hoody of Mixtape Kitchen for his industry wide impact on music and artists’ careers, also an “#OfficialHype Award” will be presented to emerging artist DC Young Fly, recognizing him as a rising force within the industry.

This “Meet and Greet” will present a “Hype Style” fashion show which will feature a slew of top Fashion Designers and boutiques such as Jenee Dionne, D’An Don Juan-Harrold (Model Haven Boutique), Roy Wells Jr. ( Dy Shoes), Mo’Aqua Phillips (Akoyin Designs), Drugs Clothing (Do Right U Gain Success), Theo Griffin and Curtis Harrison (First Verse Apparel) and more to come.

An invitation only listening session precedes the “Meet and Greet” on September 28th at Penthouse Studios.


Each event is graced by national media and personalities who enjoy a unique evening where everyone attends to see and meet like minded people and catch some great show segments for their entertainment.

Previous successful events:

BET Experience 2015 “Meet and Greet” in Los Angeles (presented alongside Dope Music); BET Experience 2015 “Media Appreciation” Gifting Suite (presented alongside Publicity Connection); Houston, TX (presented alongside Skyway Production); Detroit, Memphis, New York and more.


Outside of The Hype Magazine’s branded Meet and Greet Red Carpet Experience Tour stops, its Fashion Editor Daja Marie, can be seen hosting red carpets of official Fashion Week events at locations in, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and more. Her keen sense of fashion drives elements of the industry and she has covered major names in depth.

Coming off their win of “Magazine Publication of the Year” award during the 2015 SCM Awards (, The Hype Magazine will also be celebrating its 2015 YGEA Awards “Magazine of the Year” and 2015 SEA Awards “Publication of the Year” nominations. Fashion Editor Daja Marie is also nominated for the 2015 SEA Awards Journalist of the Year Award.

About The Hype Magazine

Founded in 2002, The Hype Magazine grew from a one-page newsletter, to a major print media outlet, adding retail outlets as of December 2013. With only one year on shelves in major retailers in the United States, Europe and Asia, Hype captured “Magazine Publication of the Year” honors at the seventh annual SCM Awards in March of 2015. Covering “News from Hip-Hop to Hollywood”, The Hype Magazine’s diverse content, has made it an entertainment industry powerhouse on multiple continents.

Currently, The Hype Magazine is available in more than 3,000 stores including select Walgreens, Barnes and Noble, CVS, Target, Kmart, 7-11 and many more. (